First dibs: We try OREO’s new Fizzy flavour — available at NTUC outlets island-wide

Few snacks are as iconic as black and white sandwich cream cookies, and fewer still, have stayed as popular as they did, well into our transition from childhood to adulthood. Yes, I’m talking about OREO. And they’ve just launched an all-new Fizzy flavour, boasting of bright orange cream.

a packet of fizzy oreos

Is OREO’s brand new flavour a trick or treat? Is our favourite snack brand is launching something special for Halloween 2021? The all-new Fizzy-flavoured OREO are available in NTUC Fairprice outlets islandwide, though we’re not sure if they’re here to stay permanently.

Most of us grew up eating OREO cookies, though the chocolate, peanut butter, or golden vanilla ones are less eyebrow raise-worthy as these new cookies. The Fizzy OREO (S$2.25) consists of your typical chocolate biscuits, though the cream is now orange-flavoured and mixed with orange candy.

a fizzy oreo

It’s… unusual. It reminds me of orange-flavoured toothpaste that I used as a kid, though the first cookie resulted in a sweet, citrusy aftertaste that I didn’t quite mind. It’s something that you’ll need some time to get used to, but these Fizzy OREO will grow on you by the time you’re biting into your second cookie.

The Fizzy OREO are sold in individually wrapped packets of three, in a box of nine packets. It might be quite a lot to polish off, especially if you’d prefer to stick with your original flavoured ones, but I promise, they’re worth giving a shot.

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