Flaaah The Bakery: Beautiful, creative & fresh bakes in the middle of KL

The area surrounding Petaling Street is home to some of Kuala Lumpur’s most eccentric nightlife and cosy cafes. The town is filled to the brim with urban eateries, traditional hawker stalls, fluorescent lights, and lively visitors. Petaling Street is where KL culture thrives.

Flaaah The Bakery - Storefront

Right in the heart of KL sits Flaaah The Bakery, a delightful bake shop with minimalistic decor and sunlight streaming through its tall glass windows. Its name is a cheeky take on the way Malaysians pronounce “flour”, a witty and concise way of displaying both the cafe’s humour and identity in a single word. 

Flaaah The Bakery - Signage

Flaaah The Bakery - Interior

Every element of the baked goods in Flaaah is made in house— from the dough to the cream fillings and jams, nothing is outsourced. 

What I tried at Flaaah The Bakery

Flaaah The Bakery - Raya specials - Two croissants and a tart

You can always count on Flaaah for well-curated and beautifully presented festive specials. Many customers visit the bakery for its flaky and buttery croissants, and not just for the regular flavours. Flaaah is constantly releasing special edition croissants in conjunction with festive seasons like Valentine’s Day and Hari Raya

Flaaah The Bakery - Pandan croissant cut in half

We were lucky to have visited when we did, as they still had their Raya menu in store. This included their Rose Bandung Croissant filled with a light, fragrant bandung cream, and the Onde Onde Croissant filled with pandan cream.

Flaaah The Bakery - Mother's Day tarts

We also had the pleasure of trying Flaaah’s Mother’s Day Set of Tuscan Summer Tarts. This set comes with 4 fresh fruit tarts: Fig, Walnut & Honey Chamomile; Strawberry, Matcha & Vanilla; Lemon & Blueberry; and Raspberry, Mango & Coconut.  

Flaaah The Bakery - 4 tarts on a metal plate

Each tart has its own distinct taste, and all of them have the perfect amount of sweetness, which makes this set great for the mother figure in your life who labels everything as “too sweet”.

As a lover of figs, I was most excited for the Fig, Walnut & Honey Chamomile tart, but I was blown away even more by the Strawberry, Matcha & Vanilla tart. Visually, both these desserts take the top spot.

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The gold flakes sprinkled on top of fig wedges gave a more luxurious feel to the tart. The clear jelly-like sheet that lay over a bed of sliced strawberries was something I’ve seen before in real life. Although these may seem like small details done just to make them look pretty, I think it adds to the celebratorious intentions of this set. 

Flaaah The Bakery - Two tarts sliced down the middle

Both tarts were well-balanced; the matcha wasn’t overpowering in the slightest, and the natural sweetness of the figs shined through. Truth be told, I couldn’t detect the mango in the Raspberry, Mango & Coconut tart, and raspberries are the dominant flavour in this one. 

The Lemon & Blueberry tart was my second favourite. This time, I could immediately taste the zesty citrus cream even when paired with a generous amount of blueberries— the adorable candied lemon slice placed on top probably helped with that too.

Flaaah The Bakery - Torched Broccoli and Corn Tartine and the Salmon Tartine

Their savoury sandwiches were just as divine. The first was a Torched Broccoli and Corn Tartine (RM12). This dish features cheese, torched baby corn and broccoli on a baguette, open face style. The bread was unfortunately tough to bite into, which isn’t uncommon for baguettes (in my experience, at least). Torching the vegetables was a wise choice, as it created more depth of flavour. The creme soubise that lay underneath the toppings was very delicious, too.

Flaaah The Bakery - Tartine cut in half

Looking at the Salmon Tartine (RM25), I didn’t expect much. How far can one go with smoked salmon and arugula? But boy, was I wrong! On top of the fresh greens, capers, and salmon slices, the lemon dill cream cheese used had a fresh tang to it that added an unexpected twist to an otherwise standard dish. 

Flaaah The Bakery - Salmon Tartine being cut

If you love strawberries, the Strawberry Milkis (RM16) is a must-try. The freshness of the beverage helps to balance out the creaminess. The Dirty Matcha (RM16) combines both matcha and espresso to create a drink that’ll wake all of your senses, literally. However, fans of strong matcha might find this to be on the milder side. Their Spanish Latte (RM17) wasn’t too sweet either despite the use of condensed milk.

Flaaah The Bakery - Peanut butter & jelly croissant and an almond croissant
Credit – Flaaah The Bakery

Flaaah’s Daily Specials are something to look out for— you can catch their weekday offers from 8am to 4pm. On Mon, customers who purchase 4 croissants will get 2 more for free, and on Tue, select any 2 quiches and galettes for RM20. The following day, enjoy a coffee and sandwich for RM22 and on Thu, you can order a tart slice and beverage of choice for RM30. If you’re a fan of cakes and cookies, drop by on a Friday to get any 2 for RM20.

Final thoughts

Seating is quite limited, so you may have to avoid visiting in large groups. Most of the tables and chairs are quite low too, so keep that in mind if you plan on going with an elderly. There are a couple benches outside the shop, which means you can bring your pet along for a treat! 

Overall, I can safely say that Flaaah’s bakers have perfected the skill of creating harmonious flavour pairings while still allowing individual ingredients to shine. Having a sweet tooth, I thoroughly enjoyed the treats at this bakery. 

* This article was brought to you in partnership with Flaaah The Bakery.

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Flaaah The Bakery

G01, Four Points, 2, Jalan Balai Polis, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50000

Our Rating 4/5

Flaaah The Bakery

G01, Four Points, 2, Jalan Balai Polis, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50000

Telephone: +60125025591
Operating Hours: 8am - 4pm (Daily)
Telephone: +60125025591

Operating Hours: 8am - 4pm (Daily)
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