Keep things peachy in the heat with Flipper’s limited edition White Peach Kiseki Pancakes

With the sun hitting down on us with no mercy, the island’s citizens are in constant search of the next best refreshing thing to escape into. Foodies, we’ve got you covered! Cool yourself down with the latest limited edition item from the Flipper’s menu: White Peach Kiseki Pancakes (S$28.80). While pancakes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the summer, hear me out.

Flown all the way from the Japanese prefecture of Yamanashi, you get the tastiest of peaches from the place crowned the kingdom of fruits. It gets better. 

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Each of these juicy fruits are personally handled by the chefs who carefully remove the seeds and inject the peaches with sweet, peach jam filling. The literal cherry on top is the Haagen-Dazs white peach and raspberry ice cream that brings it all together. It sits atop the fluffy souffle pancakes and is drenched in Flipper’s signature fresh cream and peach sauce. Told you, you’d be convinced.

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This is a seasonal item that’s only available until stocks last, so don’t wait any longer! You can also try out their other fan favourites like the Kiseki Pancake Matcha (S$19.80) because, who doesn’t love some matcha? If you’re leaning more towards the savoury side, there’s the Eggs Benedict Souffle Pancake (S$22.80) that’s made from quality Japanese Hinata eggs, with its runny yolk that mixes with the hollaindaise sauce to give a great balance. Paired with some smoked salmon, prawns, and salad on the side, it’s a pretty holistic meal. There’s also the Honey Chicken Souffle Pancake (S$22.80) that marries savoury and sweet perfectly and makes for great brekkies. 

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