12 F&B Outlets In Singapore Still Open For Delivery/Take-away During Extended COVID-19 ‘Circuit Breaker’


The ‘Circuit Breaker’ getting you down? We feel you. In light of the recent Circuit Breaker extension announced by the government on 21 April 2020, our daily lives are once more thrown into disarray.

As a nation obsessed with the brown sugar milk tea trend and all things bubble tea-related, imagine our horror when bubble tea stores were but one of the many deemed “non-essential”. Truly, a dark day for boba fans island-wide. Those who struggle to make it through the day without a sugary cuppa, you might want to consider making your own pearls and milk tea.

And for the rest of us, there was no small amount of confusion over which F&B stores are allowed to remain open, and which ones would be temporarily closed. We did a quick poll on our Instagram to find out where the confusion lies.

To lay your doubts and fears to rest, we’ve come up with a list of 12 F&B outlets and brands in Singapore that are still open during the Circuit Breaker. We’ve categorised them according to the products they offer, so you’ll know at one glance where you can get your coffee or bread from.

—Coffee & Tea—

For the caffeine addicts like me, coffee is a staple. And a calming cup of tea never fails to cheer me up. I’ll miss the days of cosying up in a café with a good book and a strong brew—coffee and tea breaks at home just isn’t the same.

However, you’ll be happy to know that these spots are still offering a cuppa—for takeaway or delivery only, of course.

1. Starbucks

When the extended ‘Circuit Breaker’ and tighter measures were announced, my thoughts went to Starbucks outlets—would they be deemed “non-essential”?

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Starbucks Online 2

I’m sure many of you have spent some time studying or working in the café, hanging out with friends or even having casual business coffee meetings there. Personally, if I’m feeling out of sorts in a foreign country, stepping into the local Starbucks and taking a whiff of the familiar roasting coffee sets me right in no time.

Luckily, a quick check on their Facebook page shows that they’re still operating. You can still get your favourite Caramel Macchiato with low-fat milk for take-away or islandwide delivery on GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo.

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Starbucks Online 1

Psst, they’ve recently released the Teaology series with five new drinks: Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale, Mango Matcha Freeze, Sangria Hibiscus Brew, Peach Cloud With Jelly and Tropical Triple Citrus. Perfectly refreshing for this horrid humid weather!

Starbucks Singapore: Outlets | Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore

The quieter competitor to the iconic green mermaid, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore has its fair share of fans. I’ll admit to brief flirtations with them, especially for a fix of my favourite Black Forest Ice Blended.

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Online 1

The tea selection here is also superior, with different blends ranging from classics like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, to more exotic blends like Strawberry Cream and Cherry Blossom.

You can breathe a sigh of relief because The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore is available for delivery on GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo.

Dalgona Coffee Coffee Bean Online 2
Credit – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If you happen to stay near an outlet, why not hop on the hype train and try their rendition of Dalgona Coffee (S$7.90)? It features creamy caramel coffee and fresh milk—a sweet way to get your caffeine fix.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore: Outlets | Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Coffee Break at Amoy

Coffee Break 14

Helmed by a trio of third-generation hawkers determined to keep their grandfather’s legacy alive, Coffee Break in Amoy Street serves up unusual modern twists to the traditional coffee, teas and toasts.

Coffee Break 3

The flavours available here are sure to tingle your tastebuds—you can find the likes of Macadamia, Caramel Rum, Sea Salt Mint and more. Even more exciting are their modern takes on traditional beverages, which include Iced Kopi-C Kosong With Cream Mousse (2.90), and Mango Milk Teh Peng With Yoghurt Mousse (S$4.50).

As they’re located within a hawker centre, they’re still permitted to continue operations for takeaway even after the tighter regulations come into effect. Do note that their Kent Ridge and Hong Lim outlets are closed for now.

To maintain safe distancing, you might want to try their delivery services, where you can order iced beverages. There’s no minimum order, with a flat delivery fee of S$5 island-wide.

Coffee Break at Amoy: 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-78, Singapore 069111 | Tel: +65 6264 5114 | Opening Hours (during ‘Circuit Breaker’ period): 7.30am – 2.30pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun | Facebook

4. Your regular kopi stall in coffeeshops & hawker centres

Yes, your kopi uncles and aunties will still be serving up your usual order of kopi C siu dai (coffee with evaporated milk, less sugar).

As per government regulations, drinks stalls within coffee shops and hawker centres are still allowed to operate.

Of course, I’d recommend for you to #tapauplease and get your kopi or teh order in our iconic plastic tapau bags. Alternatively, bring your own cup to help save the environment!

—Bread & Baked Goods—

I’m not usually a die-hard fan of bread, though some places do serve up a tasty loaf or two. Some of my colleagues definitely are mad for baked goodies though, and even I have to admit to a soft spot for fudgy, gooey brownies and other baked goods.

5. Prima Deli

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Prima Deli Bakeries Online 1

One of the OG bakery chains, this is for the heartlanders. Prima Deli is Singapore’s first home-grown bakery, and yes, they’re still up and running during this Circuit Breaker period.

There used to be an outlet near my childhood home, and back then, looking at the cakes in the display case always gave me a case of the munchies. They’re usually the go-to bakery for secondary school birthday cakes, too.

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Prima Deli Bakeries Online 2

While Prima Deli is still operating, they’ve ceased all cake production in compliance with the stricter measures announced on 21 April 2020. Those who have ordered cakes in advance should be patient, and they’ll be in touch.

Check out their Facebook page and website for updated operating hours during this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

Prima Deli: Outlets | Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. BreadTalk Singapore

Another familiar name you can easily find in malls, BreadTalk Singapore is also, fortunately, operating despite the tighter regulations. They’ll continue to serve up bread, toast, beverages and tea cakes, as well as any existing stock of whole chilled cakes in-store.

Breadtalk Rofl Cake 3

Just a while back, they had us bursting with laughter when they released the ROFL Cake—also known on the Internet as the ‘toilet paper cake’.

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Breadtalk Bakeries Online 1

Quickly pivoting in light of the current situation, BreadTalk Singapore also has an online ordering service, and even an enhanced e-store coming up. Truly exciting times, when you can get your usual pork floss bun delivered to your doorstep.

You can also find their baked selections on GrabFood and Deliveroo.

BreadTalk Singapore: Outlets | Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery Basque Burnt Cheesecake Outram 1

For those who prefer culinary surprises, Keong Saik Bakery is right up your alley. Dishing out cruffins and matcha burnt cheesecakes, this whimsical bakery is helmed by young founder Yu Zhong.

Keong Saik Bakery 1

Previously, when our writer tried out some of the baked goodies from Keong Saik Bakery, the pastries and confectioneries looked absolutely irresistible. And yet, with the new regulations, I thought they would definitely have to suspend operations.

But baking deities be praised, Keong Saik Bakery is alive and kicking!

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Keong Saik Bakery Online 1

They’re limited to just selling bread instead of their wondrous pastries, but that shouldn’t deter you from getting a taste. Available on GrabFood and foodpanda, you can enjoy toasty bread in the comfort of your home!

Keong Saik Bakery: 41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146 | Tel: +65 6909 3199 | Opening Hours:       8am – 8pm (Daily) | Facebook | Instagram

8. Your neighbourhood bakeries & bread shops

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Neighbourhood Bakery Online 1

Yes, we’re back to your friendly neighbourhood bakeries and bread shops. The usual spots where you head to after work to pick up discounted, end-of-day bread for the next day’s breakfast.

As long as they sell primarily bread, these stores will be up and running. I’m one of those who pop by every now and then for those old-school waffles, and I’m really glad I’ll still be able to enjoy a taste of nostalgia, even in these troubled times.

—Fast Food—

I’m sure we’re still all reeling from McDonald’s temporary closure. To set your mind at ease, here are some fast food brands which are still open—for now.

9. KFC

Ah, finger-lickin’ good fried chicken. Who could forget KFC? Colonel Sanders is still here to satisfy our fast food cravings, one piece of crispy fried chicken at a time.

Kfc Online Facebook

KFC recently introduced the new Chipotle Meltz, a twist on the nostalgic Cheesy Meltz that my tastebuds still remember from my schooling days. And not just that, they’ve also been releasing recipes on Facebook—recipes that riff off KFC menu items to create whole new delicious dishes.

Simple Stay Home Recipe Kfc Kolo Yok Sweet And Sour Popcorn Chicken

We even tried to re-create one of the recipes on our own, and I have to say, the KFC “Kolo Yok” (Sweet & Sour Popcorn Chicken) was a huge success.

Get your fried chicken while you still can—the Colonel’s winning recipe is still available through takeaway orders and delivery.

KFC Singapore: Outlets | Facebook | Instagram | Website

10. Burger King

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Burger King Fast Food Online 1

You can have it your way at Burger King—as long as you comply with safe distancing measures, of course.

Yes, you can still sink your teeth into juicy stacks of burger even during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period. My go-to order is the Double Mushroom Swiss—juicy mushrooms coated in luscious sauce, melted cheese and two tender, thick patties. Mmm, bliss.

For delivery, I’d recommend downloading the Burger King app for greater convenience. Alternatively, you can always check food delivery apps like GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo.

Burger King: Outlets | Facebook | Website

11. MOS Burger

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Mos Burger Fast Food Online 1

Famous for their rice burgers, MOS Burger is also up and running during this Circuit Breaker period.

While not as many people flock to this fast-food chain, the homely burgers are comfort food that’s affordable as well. They’re available on foodpanda and Deliveroo, so you can enjoy Wagyu burgers and rice burgers at home.

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Mos Burger Fast Food Online 2

Also, if you’re one of those who crave bubble tea, why not get MOS Burger’s Iced Milk Tea? You can whip up some DIY tapioca pearls in the kitchen too, to go with this drink.

MOS Burger: Outlets | Facebook | InstagramWebsite

12. Jollibee

KFC’s fried chicken not to your preference? Try the fried chicken from cult-favourite Filipino fried chicken chain Jollibee instead!

F&b Places Open For Takeaway Delivery Extended Circuit Breaker Jollibee Fast Food Online 1

The selection here is slightly different from what most fast food joints offer—cheesy spaghetti bolognese, anyone?—though they definitely still have their fair share of fans. And Jollibee loves its fanbase too; the Facebook page with 63k followers was set-up for fans to interact with the brand.

If you’re one of the fans, you can opt for takeaway from one of their 10 outlets. Or save yourself the trip, and order online from GrabFood or foodpanda.

Jollibee: Outlets | Facebook | Instagram| Website

While our list isn’t exhaustive, we hope this has allayed some of your fears. Bubble tea stores may be closed and we certainly aren’t lovin’ McDonald’s closure, but we’ll press on.

#StayHome, stay safe, and let’s make it through this crisis together. Don’t forget to support your local F&B stores!