Famous Taiwan Charcoal-Grilled Toast & Milk Tea Cafe Fong Sheng Hao (豐盛號) Opening In Paya Lebar Quarter

Last Updated: June 8, 2019

Written by Lee Wei Yang

Being a huge foodie, I’ve always wanted to travel to Taiwan. Luckily, many Taiwanese brands have made their way to Singapore.

We’ve had The Alley, CHICHA San Chen, Xing Fu Tang, as well as, most recently, Milksha. But now, another one is on its way!

I bet you’re wondering, is this another bubble tea chain? Don’t worry, this time, Taiwan’s famous breakfast cafe, Fong Sheng Hao (豐盛號), is opening in Singapore!

The charcoal-grilled toast and milk tea cafe has announced that their first Singapore outlet will be in Paya Lebar Quarter. That said, however, we don’t know exactly when they’ll be opening.

Nevertheless, you can expect to savour their famous toasts and milk tea very soon. In fact, they’ve brought in their original menu from Taiwan.

Their signature Fong Sheng Sandwich comes in a portion suitable for two. It packs a variety of ingredients such as peanut butter, ham, egg and even mashed potato.

According to them, this is a must-have for first-time visitors.

For something even heartier, go for their Pork & Egg Cheese. This toast is Fong Sheng Hao’s top-selling dish, and I can’t wait to try it when they finally open.

Of course, don’t forget to get a cup of the Fong Sheng Signature Milk Tea before you leave too.

They use high-quality fresh milk which gives the drink a naturally sweet flavour. I’m actually curious as to how it’ll fare against my favourite LiHo milk tea.

We can only hope that Fong Sheng Hao will open soon enough. With this, I certainly won’t have to splurge on plane tickets to get a taste of Taiwan!

Dates & Times: Opening soon at Paya Lebar Quarter | For more information, check out their Facebook

Prices: S$2 – S$10 (estimated prices based on Taiwan outlets)

Price: $

Fong Sheng Hao (豐盛號)

10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057


Fong Sheng Hao (豐盛號)

10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057

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