16 Food Stalls To Eat at i Light Marina Festival 2016

Solving all your food needs at i Light Marina Festival 2016

i Light Marina Bay is a sustainable light festival that features 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents from around the world. Advanced lighting technology is used to illuminate the Marina Bay waterfront so it transforms into a vibrant technicoloured live canvas.

Expect plays on not only light but sounds and shadows as well. So how can this multisensory light spectacle be complete without food to enjoy?

Other than enticing your visual and auditory senses, I’m sure taste is equally important.

PasarBella Entrance iLight Marina (1 of 1)

PasarBella is supporting your food needs at i Light Marina Bay 2016!

The sitting/dining area for the PasarBella pop-up is completely alfresco, and totally chill. Good food against an even greater scenery.

Here’s a quick guide for when you get hungry while enjoying the sights and sounds at i Light Marina Bay 2016.

i light marina food stalls-9653

So which are the participating food stalls you can expect at the i Light festival?

1) The Bao Makers

Bao Makers_ iLight Marina (1 of 1)

Doing East-meets-West in their Baos, the Bao Makers combines gourmet recipes and fits them into a Bao. Creative and cute, Bao Makers is probably part of the Mod-Sin food wave.

2) Coocaca

Coocaca stall_ iLight Marina (1 of 1)

‘Smoothies, Bols, and Good Vibes’ is Coocaca’s mantra and whoaboy, that’s what the intense heat will have you chanting with need for Coocaca. Not yet an established brick-and-mortar entity, Coocaca is all about giving you a taste of that relaxing tropical beach that is all sorts refreshing and healthy.

Coocaca_iLight Marina (2 of 3)

Their Smoothie Bowls, also known as Bols or Super Bols, have bananas, rolled Oats, coconut flakes, almonds and strawberries – super healthy and good to eat in the sweltering heat. Not to mention, it balances out all that other hot and heaty (delicious nonetheless) food fiesta from most of the food stalls.

iLight Marina (5 of 8)

Really enjoyed the extra coconut flakes touch; it made the smoothies bowls much more aromatic and oddly comforting.

They’re on that super food kick- acai and healthy living with good vibes (think yoga, environmental consciousness, surfer language and Bob Marley) bandwagon. So if you’re one of those folks, Coocaca is your Buena Ondas call.

3) Munch & Crunch

iLight Marina (3 of 8)

Very aptly named, Munch & Crunch serves all things that munches and crunches like Tatertots, cheese fries, calamari and more fries etc. Basically all that sinful fried goodness.

These golden brown crunchie munchies are the perfect junk snack for you to enjoy with the golden orange hues of the setting sun to welcome the light. Some colours are just meant for each other.

4) Hombre Cantina

Hombre Mexican_ iLight Marina (1 of 1)

Obviously, Hombre Cantina is the Mexican food supplier here. With DIY nachos and quesdadillas, it’s actually a great place to get your snack on.

Hombre Cantina is Nacho, Amigo! I’m kidding, they definitely want to be your Amigo.

5) Keith Crackling Roast

Keith Crackling Roast _iLight Marina (1 of 2)

Whoop! One of my favourite stalls from PasarBella @ The Grandstand, Keith’s crackling pork seem to straddle the middle-ground of east and west – people from both sides enjoy good roast pork.

It’s called Crackling Roast because well, the crisp skin of the pork crackles pretty loudly when you bite into it. Keith’s Crackling Roast is like our Chinese style roasted 3-Layer pork on steroids.

Keith Crackling Roast _iLight Marina (2 of 2)

The pork is nicely seasoned with a subtle pork aroma that is just right, so you don’t have to be afraid of an overbearing meaty odour.

They have an alternative roast closer to our local char siew style, with tender meat, a satisfying burnt barbequed flavour complemented with a delicious dark sweet sauce.

Basically, a really flavourful roast pork stall that does our local roasted meat with much more finesse and flavour than our Kopitiams.

6) Drinks!

Drinks_ iLight Marina (1 of 1)

A stall with a self-explanatory name, the beers available on tap are:

Asahi Super Dry or Super Dry Black, Carlsberg, Kronenberg and Kronenberg Blanc.

They have rather fancy and refreshing fruit infused drinks like Pink Lemonade, Hibiscus Citrus Tea and Passionfruit x Lemongrass too.

Tried the Passionfruit and Lemongrass drink, it was pretty thirst-quenching. Sufficient passionfruit flavour with a subtle hint of lemongrass.

7) The Salted Egg.

thesaltedegg_ iLight Marina (1 of 1)

As the name suggests, they serve salted egg flavoured foods, duh.

Calling all salted egg flavour fans. You can look forward to decadent treats like Salted Egg Churros, Salted Egg and Caramel Tart, Salted Egg Fries, Salted Egg Chicken Skin and Salted Egg Dog.

So so many types of salted egg offerings I think some of us just went weak in the knees. Singaporeans just can’t get sick of it can they.

8) Mad Dogs Bar & Grill

Mad Dog_ iLight Marina (1 of 1)

Mad Dog’s Bar & Grill is from PasarBella’s newest Suntec City outlet. Mad Dog’s is definitely the go-to place if you love meat. At their Suntec outlet, you can get juicy cuts of Angus rib-eye, pork ribs, grain-fed sirloin steak.

Bringing out a whole lamb to roast on a spit, you know Mad Dog’s means business.

9) tidbit

Tidbit_iLight Marina (1 of 2)

Tidbit sells an array of mouth-watering meat tidbits. They offer Fried Chicken in 3 flavours/style: Har Cheong Gai, Southern flavour and Korean style, 4 types of Yakitori: Classic Chicken Thigh, Pork Belly, Crispy Chicken Skin as well as Shiitake Mushroom.

Interestingly, they also offer popular Korean BBQ grills like Pork Belly.

Tidbit_iLight Marina (2 of 2)

Won’t you look at that gorgeous crispy brown skin.

We tried all the 3 flavours of their fried chicken and although the tastes didn’t have obvious distinctions, they were all…finger licking good.

I loved that the skin was extremely crispy and there were hardly any fats underneath.

Another good thing about tidbit’s fried chicken is the absence of an overly greasy thick batter covering their chicken. So you could eat more without feeling sick.

Despite the deep brown exterior, the chicken meat remained tender without noticeable dryness or stiffness. I would definitely eat their fried chicken again and try out more of their menu.

10) Sea Salt Caribbean Deli

Seasalt Caribbean Deli_iLight Marina (1 of 3)


Seasalt Caribbean Deli_iLight Marina (3 of 3)

From PasarBella @ The Grandstand comes Sea Salt Caribbean Deli. Their Pork Knuckle and Fish & Chips are really popular dishes and the portions are great for sharing.

The other options on the menu sound like really hearty comfort food. Grilled Cheese Pulled Pork Sandwich oh damnnnn could really have one of those right now.

Seasalt Caribbean Deli_iLight Marina (2 of 3)

Here’s a photo of our food and the gorgeous view.

iLight Marina (8 of 8)

PasarBella & Friends Go to Town: Mon-Thurs: 4:00pm-11:00pm, Fri-Sun: 4:00pm – 12:00am

—Popup Stalls at Festival Village @ The Promontory—

i Light Marina Bay has its first ever Festival Village at The Promontory along the Marina bay. The Promontory is a vast field of green with an unobstructed view of the Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade and many more buildings that make up Singapore’s gorgeous city skyline.

At the Festival Village, there are activities like stargazing, performances and light art installations along with dining options from pop-up diners. So don’t worry if you get the hunger pangs while bopping to the beat of drums or while gazing romantically at stars, these pop-up food stalls can take care of the growls from your tummy.

Do note that some of these popups are 0nly available on specific days.

11) Harry’s

Food at Festival VIllage_ iLight Marina (1 of 6)

The established sports bar, Harry’s is setting up shop for its fellow bar-goers at the Festival Village. Of course a festival happening at night should have music, beer and grub.

So enjoy Harry’s signatures and tipples alongside live entertainment from 7.30pm till late.

Open daily from 7.30pm.

12) Haagen Daz

Food at Festival VIllage_ iLight Marina (2 of 6)

Spot Haagen Daz’s classy pop-up, the Royal Tea Salon at The Promontory. Order a double scoop of ice cream and have the 3rd one on the house.

Open daily from 6pm till late.

13) Coffee Bandits

Food at Festival VIllage_ iLight Marina (4 of 6)

Coffee Bandits is the brainchild of 2 mothers who used to slave for corporations but decided they wanted a more colourful life led by their love for food.

Started with a passion for exceptional coffee, food and great service, Coffee Bandits serves coffee made with freshly roasted specialty grade beans. They also have sumptuous and filling food items, great for fuss free eating and people on-the-go.

Open: 12-13, 19-20, 25-27 March

14) Kerbside Gourmet

Food at Festival VIllage_ iLight Marina (6 of 6)

Served at drive-through prices out of an environmentally-friendly hybrid food truck, Kerbside Gourmet is a social enterprise working on a buy-one-give-one model. For the second time running at i Light Marina Bay, Kerbside Gourmet plans on a delectable menu of bak chor mee hotdog and Cajun fries.

For every main dish served, Kerbside Gourmet will give one away to needy families in Singapore.

Open: 6, 13, 20 March

15) Old Chang Kee 

Old Chang Kee’s mobile kitchen, dubbed O’ My Darling, will make an appearance at i Light Marina Bay. The 10-metre long popup is a sight to behold – entirely refurnished to include a fully-stocked kitchen and service counter.

You can get your familiar local fried snacks here while you take in the sights and sounds at Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival.

Open: 5-6, 12-13 March

6) The Travelling C.O.W. 

Food at Festival VIllage_ iLight Marina (5 of 6)
* Image is NOT actual location

C.O.W stands for Chef on Wheels.

The Travelling COW is Singapore’s first mobile food truck. They aim to bring good comfort food around to folks sometime even to your doorstep.  Catch The Travelling C.O.W for some interesting twists to local food at i Light.

Open: 4, 6, 11, 13, 18-20, 25-27 March

Festival Village: 4 – 27 March 2016 | 7:30pm – 11:00pm | The Promontory @ Marina Bay | Free

i light marina food stalls-9640

i Light Marina Bay is in its 4th edition and will now be happening annually, do catch it for its wonderful cause and artistically enriching experience.

Since Singapore hardly has really cool night events like these, why miss it? There’s grub, entertainment and all round good vibes, so head down to i Light Marina Bay to soak up the sights, smell, sounds and tastes Marina Bay has to offer.

For more details, check out i Light Marina Bay’s website. Illuminate your night!