Indulge In Free Ice Cream Sandwiches At Orchard Rd This 20 – 22 Mar

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If you grew up in Singapore, it’s a familiar sight to catch a glimpse of ice cream uncles manning their carts around the island. It has become part of our national identity, even instilling a sense of pride in us Singaporeans. 

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Just take a look at the whole debacle when our ice cream sandwiches were dissed rather explicitly by American entertainment company Buzzfeed. Singaporeans banded together in unison to defend one of our country’s most beloved desserts—so much so that Buzzfeed ultimately removed the entry from the listicle. 

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It’s a tough experience for fellow ice cream uncles as well, having to stand out in the sun for five days a week, dishing out servings of ice cream to Singaporeans for hours. That’s why it’s even more admirable that some of these ice cream uncles are going to be giving out free ice cream from 20 – 22 March 2020, from 12pm onwards along Orchard Road—an act that we should support and be grateful for. 

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This coming weekend, you can take quick ice cream breaks while you’re shopping to cool off in the hot and humid weather, courtesy of our lovable ice cream uncles. Only 400 ice creams are available per cart, so be sure to grab yours before stocks run out! Of course, always remember to be kind and let others have their turn as well. 

Free Ice Cream Orchard Rd Singapore Mar 2020 Online

Here is a full list of where and who you can get your ice cream from: 

  1. Uncle Tan outside ION Orchard Shopping Mall
  2. Uncle Chan by Wisma Atria Shopping Mall
  3. Uncle Ong outside Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall
  4. Mr Chien outside Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall
  5. Uncle Ang in the vicinity of Mandarin Gallery 
  6. Uncle Tong near Tong Building 

Look out for these friendly faces and their carts this weekend amidst your shopping spree, and show some love and gratitude!

Dates & Times: 20 – 22 March 2020, 12pm onwards

Price: Free