Gather: Drool-worthy Crêpes and Galettes at Raffles Arcade

I’ve been ogling at Gather’s Instagram page for a while now, being all the rave about a few months back.

Gather is a newly-opened French cafe that specialises in crêpes and galettes. Run by the same dedicated team behind Punch and the now-defunct Ronin, this elegant and posh crêperie set in Raffles Arcade.

Gather Interior

This quaint new minimalistic cafe addition includes a small fashion boutique corner, boasting a rotating shortlist of small-batch goods, thoughtfully foraged from around the globe.

To me, this cafe is a mark of elegance; exuding a hint of crisp, light and cool whiteness, its sleek sun-drenched interior outfitted with marble tables and rattan-backed chairs pay gorgeous homage to the building’s colonial past.

In hopes of being a venue for brisk refuge, the simple and clean interior was inviting and comfortable upon walking in. It is also carried through in the kitchen, where the crêpes, galettes, and even sandwiches are made with clean and simple ingredients.

The subtle aroma of food pervaded the air as soon as I stepped in, whetting my appetite and leaving me with a rumbling stomach.  Each dish is made fresh to order,  the open-concept kitchen allows you to witness the steamy preparation process.

I landed myself with their Burnt Caramel (S$14), Dirty Ronin (S$14), Flourless Chocolate Slice (S$10), and Flat White (S$6).

Gather Crepe

Delicately soft, cushiony and eggy to the bite, the no-frills Burnt Caramel crêpe is laced with a toasty burnt caramel sauce and a slab of Bordier butter. Simple yet divine, the sweet and slightly salty flavour combination melded well together and kept me wanting more. The melted salted butter delivered rich and substantial flavours, creamy yet not in an unctuous way.

Perfect for breakfast or anytime a sweet craving hits, this classic crêpe would have you begging for more. You don’t have to travel all the way to France for a piece of decadent, caramel-laden classic French crêpe anymore—this crêpe is simply too good to miss.

 Plus, their caramel sauce is made from scratch-in-house and surprisingly, it wasn’t too cloyingly sweet and was well-balanced in flavour.

Gather Sandwich

I’ve never tried Ronin’s dishes before, so when I took my first bite of their Dirty Ronin sandwich, I was thoroughly impressed. It comes with a ciabatta stuffed with a generous amount of chorizo (a type of pork sausage), Emmental (swiss cheese), soft egg, miso mayo and lettuce.

Packing a punch with its robust and moreish flavour, this particular sandwich is your perfect go-to to add a little kick to your average lunch meat sandwich. The mildly piquant chorizo added depth and flavour to the dish, providing a firm and juicy satisfying bite.

Complemented by subtle sweetness from the soft egg and mayo, the dish came well together and I didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of “heaviness” from the dish, even as I polished it off on my own. 

Gather Chocolate Cake

The Flourless Chocolate Slice was decadent, tasting almost like fudge. Moist and rich, this little gluten-free slice is a chocolate lover’s dream.

However for me, for someone who prefers a lighter finish, this cake was slightly too rich and cloying for me after a few mouthfuls.

Gather Flat White

To end our meal off, we had a cup of Flat White. Possessing a velvety consistency, it had a nice froth and was fragrant, with just the perfect amount of creaminess and nutty sweetness.  

There is no doubt that I would return to Gather again. It is definitely a nice spot to unwind and gather with your friends. The simplistic décor, exemplary service and—most importantly—their wonderfully inventive array of menu variations packed with fresh French ingredients would have you returning for more.

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Arcade, #01-12, Singapore 188719

Our Rating 5/5


328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Arcade, #01-12, Singapore 188719

Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm (Mon to Fri), 8am - 8pm (Sat & Sun)

Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm (Mon to Fri), 8am - 8pm (Sat & Sun)
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