Cool Yourself From The Heat With New Ginger-Flavoured Pepsi Now Avail At Selected 7-Eleven Outlets

With high temperatures in Singapore, we are always looking for ways to cool ourselves down. So with that, have you tried cooling yourself down with the new Ginger Pepsi (S$2.50). I first spotted them at a 7-Eleven and I believe they’re readily available at selected outlets.

This could be Pepsi’s answer to the flavoured Mango and Cherry Coca-Cola, creating this one-of-a-kind quirky-flavoured Pepsi.

Ginger Pepsi 1

The drink is packaged in a mysterious blacked out bottle with a tinge of gold on the label and bottle cap, identifying itself as a ginger-flavoured drink.

Ginger Pepsi 3

The contents of the Ginger Pepsi look just like any other Pepsi drink but upon investigating further, it had a sharp spicy smell that’s revolting.

I was expecting a very strongly-flavoured drink with a spicy kick, almost like drinking chilli-infused Pepsi. However, the first taste I got from it was a distinct biting earthiness that was quickly washed down by the vanilla tang of the Pepsi.

Ginger Pepsi 2

What pursued what was a sweet gingery taste that acted as a natural sweetener slightly elevating the sweetness of the no-calorie Pepsi. However, I was not a fan of the woody taste of ginger which lingered in my mouth.

The drink came off to me more like a candied ginger drink that was on the sweeter side rather than a spicier one. 

Overall this would definitely not be a drink I would be going back for due to its unusual earthiness and also because I’m not a fan of the strong bitey flavours of ginger in general.

Despite that, if you are a fan of teh halia or anything ginger-related (insert Ed Sheeran joke here) food items then, you should definitely pop by your nearest 7- Eleven.

Dates & Times: Now available at selected 7-Eleven outlets

Price: S$2.50