Gongcha & GrabFood team up to bring us pandan pearls now available for delivery

I’ve long wondered why pandan pearls in bubble tea haven’t been a thing sooner. It seems textbook almost—one of Singapore’s most loved local flavours that pairs so delightfully with the perennial milk tea. Now, Gongcha and GrabFood have teamed up to bring us the Pandan Pearl-radise, which no prizes for guessing, presents an all-new pandan pearl topping for your beverages.

Poster for Gongcha's new pandan pearls
Credit – Gongcha Singapore

Already available for order, the Pandan Pearl-radise can only exclusively be ordered for delivery via GrabFood, and is paired with either a classic Milk Tea or Milk Green Tea at S$4.10 (500ml) and S$5.20 (700ml) each. Each aromatic and refreshing pandan pearl offers a subtle earthy fragrance of rose, almond, and vanilla, again fortifying my claim of its seamless pairing with a creamy milk tea.

A pair of milk tea cups with pandan pearls
Credit – Gongcha Singapore

Since it’s only available for delivery on GrabFood, the drink is designed to be savoured slowly, and in the comfort of your own homes. And, now that Disney+ has graced us with its presence, tune into these addictive and immersive shows while sipping on your giant cup of milk tea. Go on, we won’t judge—it’s only correct to make a whole experience out of something as delicious as this.

“Grab sees great synergy with Gong Cha – we are both committed to bringing uniquely localised products and experiences to our consumers. We are thus thrilled to be partnering with Gong Cha, to bring the new Pandan Pearl-radise topping to consumers, exclusively through GrabFood. We hope bubble tea fans will enjoy this twist on their favourite beverage!” says Gillian Ang, Head of Marketing of Grab Singapore.

Front shot of pandan pearls with milk tea
Credit – Gongcha Singapore

The Pandan Pearl-radise range is available from now until stocks last, so be sure to get those orders going if you want a taste of that fragrant goodness.

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