Good Old Days Bistro: Affordable Vintage-Themed Cafe With Huge Portions At Beach Rd

Last Updated: June 11, 2019

Written by Calida Soh

With so many cafes in Singapore, it is difficult for one to stand out as most places have similar offerings. Beach Road is no stranger to good food. From restaurants and bars to local delights, they got it all covered. Good Old Days Bistro pride themselves in offering a unique dining experience.

Good Old Days Bistro 1

Vintage-themed, not only is their interior decked out in said style, but the collectibles and products in their cafe are for sale too.

Good Old Days Bistro 2

Intrigued, I decided to check them out.

Good Old Days Bistro 4

Going with the retro vibe, Good Old Days Bistro was indeed furnished with a mix of different old-school style items. There was a unique swing set that evoked nostalgic childhood memories at the playground, as well as Harley Davidson-inspired seats too.

Good Old Days Bistro 3

We managed to snag a seat on one of the velvet cushion seats. Not only did they look good but were really comfortable too.

Good Old Days Bistro 5

The first dish that arrived was the Pan-seared Scallop (S$16.90). This was one of the most expensive items on the menu. With a choice of either linguine or risotto, I went with the latter. As risottos are generally difficult to get right, I couldn’t help but wonder how this would turn out.

Good Old Days Bistro 6

They were generous with the portion considering its price, with six decent-sized scallops. Well executed, the scallops were springy and sweet. I liked how the firmer texture required some chewing effort with a slight char on the surface for a contrasting crisp. This accentuated its mild buttery flavour to complement the risotto.

Good Old Days Bistro 7

The risotto itself was cooked well too. The rice grains were plump and supple, with just a touch of graininess for a nice bite. I liked how rich and creamy it turned out, packed with flavour with every mouthful.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t jelak at all. It was actually appetising and I found myself finishing the entire dish. I liked the topping of tobiko as it provided a nice salty crunch which helped to cut through the thickness of the sauce.

My only gripe would be the lack of mentaiko. The addition of mentaiko should add a distinct saltiness but there wasn’t any and it tasted like any other cream sauce.

Good Old Days Bistro 8

We also got the Crispy Oatmeal Chicken Burger (S$13.90), which is served in a rustic vintage box. Served close, it was like a little surprise as they opened it in front of you.

Good Old Days Bistro 11

Firstly, I have to commend them on the portion size. At its affordable price point, I was shocked to see such a hefty burger. A humongous chicken thigh was sticking out of the burger buns, with multiple layers of ingredients in between.

Good Old Days Bistro 15

Checking out the thick slab of chicken, I was pleased that it remained tender and succulent on the inside. It had a well-seasoned crispy crust, studded with pieces of oatmeal. It provided a nice nutty touch which gave more dimension than the usual fried chicken.

Piled with loads of fresh crunchy vegetables, they helped to cut through the slight oiliness of the fried chicken. I liked how the cheese was slightly melted and gooey, which rounded up all the flavours together nicely. It also gave a nice homely taste to it.

Moving on to the home-made burger bun, it was a dream. Pillowly soft and fluffy, these freshly baked buns tasted as good as they felt. The buns reminded me of focaccia, with a distinct fragrant herby taste. They were generously slathered with mayo, and the creamy and tangy notes complemented the buns well.

Good Old Days Bistro 10

The burger came with a side of fries and a salad. I loved how the fries were piping hot, thin and crisp in every bite. They were well-seasoned with what I believe is curry powder. This was a common but well-done accompaniment that tends to be overlooked by many.

Good Old Days Bistro 9

The last main we got was the Deluxe Beef And Onion Sandwich (S$14.90). Similarly, this was served in a vintage box and I was again blown away by how large the portion size was.

Good Old Days Bistro 16

The white bread, which was also freshly baked in house, was toasted to a perfect golden brown. It was warm and crisp, buttery and absolutely delightful.

Good Old Days Bistro 12

As they soaked up the flavours of the beef and onion mixture, it was even better.

Good Old Days Bistro 13

The sliced beef was lean and tender, juicy and savoury from the red wine added. The caramelized onions and mushrooms added a touch of sweetness and earthiness to further amp up the flavours. It was good, although it could do with a little less salt.

Good Old Days Bistro 17

To end off our meal, we decided to get a Flourless Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream (S$10.90). There were several unique flavours of ice cream, but we decided to go with the classic French Vanilla.

Good Old Days Bistro 20

The brownie was also made in-house, and it was literally triple the size of the typical brownie you’d expect to get. I appreciated how it was served with fresh berries, to cut through the richness of the dessert.

Good Old Days Bistro 19

Taste-wise it was decent, although I wished it was more consistent. Due to it being a huge slab, half of it was moist and fudgy whereas the other half was slightly dry and crumbly.

Good Old Days Bistro 18

It was generously studded with walnuts though. Also, the warm brownie and the cold ice cream was a perfect balance of temperatures that I really enjoyed. The ice cream also helped to alleviate the dry parts of the brownie.

Good Old Days Bistro definitely exceeded my expectations. As a themed establishment, I must admit I only expected the usual cafe food fare and nothing more. However, the offerings were not only big in quantity but taste as well. If you are in the area, do drop them a visit. They’re one of the cafes that are actually worth it.

Chope Reservations

Expected damage: S$10.90 – S$16.90 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Good Old Days Bistro

337 Beach Road, Singapore 199565

Our Rating 5/5

Good Old Days Bistro

337 Beach Road, Singapore 199565

Telephone: +65 8337 3343
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm, (Mon, Wed to Fri), 10am - 10pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Tues
Telephone: +65 8337 3343

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm, (Mon, Wed to Fri), 10am - 10pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Tues
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