Natalie Tan

Mr. Sheng Jian (生煎先生): Feast On Classic, Kimchi & Cheese-Flavoured Sheng Jian Bao Near Bugis

On Liang Seah Street lies a congregation of small Chinese eateries that always seem to be filled with people. Mr. Sheng Jian (生煎先生) joined the crowd not too...

12 Japanese Hawker Stalls In Singapore To Curb Your Cravings At Without Splurging

Ah, Japanese food – it's one of us Singaporeans' greatest weaknesses. The mere mention of ramen, sashimi or gyudon is enough to excite every Singaporean I know. So imagine combining Japanese...

PORTA: Indulge In Modern European Dishes At This New Brunch Spot In Clarke Quay

Heads up everyone, for a new brunch spot is in town! Located in Park Hotel Clarke Quay, PORTA, a restaurant that offers modern European cuisine, has launched...

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Eating is one of the greatest joys in life. I spend my time appreciating food to the fullest. You can probably tell by how I look.
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