Gu Thai Noodle Cafe: Get S$1.90 Thai Boat Noodles In Singapore 24/7 At Selegie Road

gu thai noodle cafe exterior

You’ve probably walked past PoMo, but have never set foot into it before. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The small mall is situated on Selegie Road near Dhoby Ghaut MRT, and is actually home to quite a few restaurants including Gu Thai Noodle Cafe.

You won’t miss the distinct red sign at the side walk where you can enter from, but it’s definitely more welcoming from the other side, within the mall.

gu thai noodle cafe interior

I found the overall space quite dark and I’d recommend grabbing a seat out front as it was a bit more cluttered towards the back. The wooden tables and stools provided the place with an atmosphere similar to dining on the bustling streets of Thailand.

The staff are also Thai, so you can expect to find dishes that are very close to what you’ll get in the Land of Smiles.

gu thai noodle cafe

Everyone enjoys Thai food differently and a choice of condiments at each table makes it easy to customise the flavour of your dishes with the addition of extra chilli flakes, sugar, chilli soy sauce and fish sauce.

gu thai noodle cafe thai milk tea

Many refreshing drinks are available on the menu to accompany the impending spicy food, and the signatures (and necessities) include Thai Milk Tea ($2.80) and Thai Lemongrass Drink ($2.80).

gu thai noodle cafe boat noodles

The last time I had boat noodles, I was polishing off five to six bowls somewhere in Bangkok. I don’t see many Thai restaurants serving this in Singapore, and Gu Thai Noodle Cafe does a pretty authentic version.

The Boat Noodle Beef/Pork comes in either a small bowl ($1.90) or one large one ($7.50). Do take note that as with all small boat noodle bowls, you’re able to down the serving in two mouthfuls. So get a small one (pictured) if you want to try other dishes as well, or go for the large if that’s all you’re having.

The boat noodle broth has a very distinct flavour from the galangal used. You could slurp it up with noodles of your choice, and it comes with at least one piece of meat and half a fish ball. Four spice levels are available (Non spicy, Less Spicy, Normal Spicy, Extra Hot), but be warned! ‘Normal spicy’ can already make you sweat.

gu thai noodle cafe pad thai

The boat noodles were really quite yummy but I was keen to try some of the other recommended dishes on the menu. The Phad Thai Wrapped With Omelette ($8.90) immediately made me think of our local mee goreng pattaya, and tasted pretty similar too (with Thai flavours, obviously).

Add a few dashes of fish sauce and a squeeze of lime, and you’ve got the perfect supper dish.

gu thai noodle cafe vermicelli noodle

For a lighter option, try the Thai Spicy Vermicelli Salad ($12), which was served warm with seafood and minced pork. I really loved how fresh and juicy the prawns were, and they paired very nicely with the sour and spicy dressing.

gu thai noodle cafe mango sticky rice

No Thai meal would be complete without having Thai Mango Sticky Rice ($10), and while I found the price to be quite steep, I thought it was cute having the coconut milk served in a shot glass. There’s no denying that the mango was sweet too!

You’ll be glad to know that Gu Thai Noodle Cafe is now open 24 hours every single day, so you know where to head to for supper and for authentic Thai boat noodles in Singapore.

Expected Damage: $7.90 – $20 per pax

Gu Thai Noodle Cafe: 1 Selegie Road, #01-04 PoMo Mall, Singapore 188306 | Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily | Facebook