COLLIN’S®: Authentic & well-crafted Western favourites make a mouth-watering debut with an all-new menu

COLLIN’S® currently has 13 branches across Singapore, with more to open in the coming year, and has just refreshed their entire menu this September. The COLLIN’S® Brand-New Experience is about reinventing classic Western fare by taking a unique creative approach to their menu.

collins - storefront

Debuting on 1 September, the menu launch coincided with a revamp of the COLLIN’S® Membership Programme and COLLIN’S® Rewards Mobile App. Brand new offers and rewards are great draws, yes, but I was more interested in sinking my teeth into the food!

With three dining kakis in tow, I made my way to COLLIN’S® at New Tech Park.

What I tried at COLLIN’S®

collins - spread of dishes on table

I think of COLLIN’S® as a slice of Europe in Singapore and their take on Italian Burrata is a testament to that sentiment. The Burrata cheese is extremely soft and combines a lilting sweetness from its cream with savoury notes of the Mozzarella. I adore COLLIN’S® version on its own.

collins - burrata

Their Italian Burrata and Parma Ham (S$22++) salad is served with tropical fruits and honey balsamic reduction which tilts the balance towards the sweet. I picked off every last slice of Parma Ham, Dragon fruit, Strawberry and Blueberry on its own and saved the dollop of Burrata to enjoy in isolation at the end.

collins - burrata and parma ham pizza

Pleasurable as that was, a far superior use of the Burrata was in their 10/10 at COLLIN’S® (S$29++) pizza. COLLIN’S® woodfired pizzas are a class above. Crust-wise, they fall somewhere between a regular and a thin crust, so I’ll call it ‘medium crust’ (even though it doesn’t specify that anywhere in the menu). The additional dough makes for a more substantial bite without becoming overly filling.

collins - close up of burrata and parma ham pizza

The 10/10 at COLLIN’S® features a generous serve of Burrata cheese at the centre of the pizza and an even more generous number of Parma Ham slices, all sitting on a bed of fresh rocket and sundried tomatoes. Every bite was heavenly. Despite using a medley of flavours, it came together much better than the Burrata-based salad that preceded it. Easily my favourite of the day!

collins - terriyaki sauce chicken pizza

We also had the East meets West (S$25++) pizza. This is Black Pepper Chicken with Mentaiko and Teriyaki sauce, topped liberally with fine strips of seaweed. The 10/10 at COLLIN’S® was obviously a hard act to follow but this combination of excessive Teriyaki sweetness with savoury ingredients did not work for me, either. My dining companions were eager enough to polish it off, though, so I’m not writing it off completely.

collins - meat platter

We were a group of 4 so we decided to take up the challenge— the COLLIN’S® Premium Combo (S$48++). Served on a long platter, it is a mini feast with their Signature Grilled Chicken Chop, half a slab of Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs (this was substituted with pork chops today), tender Lamb Chop, munch-worthy prime Iberico Pork Sausage, Creamy Prawn Croquette and Tempura Squid Tentacles. The star of the show for me was undoubtedly the Lamb Chop.

Juicy and tender beyond compare, these chops made my day. Every time I picked one up, my mouth would water in anticipation. The menu declared the platter was ‘Good for sharing’. I completely disagree— I did not want to share the lamb with anyone!

collins - close up of inside of croquette

Also on stage were the Creamy Prawn Croquettes, perfectly deep-fried so the crust had a satisfying crunch while the insides were deliciously gooey. 2 cylindrical portions of grilled corn cob and a bucket of shoestring fries rounded up the platter. They were accompanied by 3 tasty dipping sauces— homemade tartar, black pepper and COLLIN’S® exclusive harissa sauce. This special sauce is a mix of tangy, smoky and spicy. Exclusive to COLLIN’S®, it’s made in-house and surprised us as a great pairing with the grilled meats (which is not commonly used in Western cuisine).

collins - close up of fried squid

I found the Platter absolutely divine. Had it not been for the amazing creation of the 10/10 at COLLIN’S® pizza, it would have been my favourite of the day.

collins - penne pasta

The Penne Au Gratin (S$16++) of Prawn and Mushroom topped with cheese and baked till golden brown was fun but not enough to unseat the platter and Burrata-centric pizza from the top 2 slots.

collins - close up of penne au gratin

I don’t know what spells were cast upon the cheese but it was still extremely stretchy even 20 minutes after it had been served.

Final thoughts

collins - open kitchen

I love restaurants that give you an open view of the kitchen. The fascinating sight of activity inside is one draw but more so is the knowledge that their team is so confident in itself that it welcomes the additional scrutiny. COLLIN’S® delivers in that regard.

Another good sign was that the place was packed. I was surprised at the range of patrons that were there when I visited on a weekday. It was about 2pm and the diners included NSF in their camouflage uniforms, professionals from offices nearby with lanyards around their necks, and an assortment of people of all ages that I assume lived nearby.

collins - 2 pizzas on table

You must be doing many things right if you attract a full house of diners of all ages on a weekday. My favourite was the lamb from the platter and the memories of its texture and flavour still makes me salivate.

If you are a regular at COLLIN’S®, take full advantage of the COLLIN’S® Membership Programme and COLLIN’S® Rewards Mobile App. For everyone else, visit for an authentic taste of Europe right here in Singapore.

For all COLLIN’S® locations, refer here.

Expected damage: S$16 – S$40 per pax

* This article was brought to you in partnership with COLLIN’S®.

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