B For Bagel – Korean bagel brand from Gangnam opens first SG outlet with stuffed sweet & savoury bagelwiches

If you’re a fan of thick and chewy stuffed bagels, rejoice, for yet another bagel store, B For Bagel, has opened in Singapore.

b for bagel - storefront

B For Bagel is a Korean bagel brand originating from Gangnam, Seoul, specialising in a wide variety of sweet and savoury bagels. You’ll spot the store’s bright orange storefront in the basement of Tanglin Mall in Orchard, with aesthetic, Instagrammable spots for you to take photos.

b for bagel 16

Delight yourself in some of B For Bagel’s classic bagel flavours, like Plain (S$3.90), Sesame (S$3.90) and Wholewheat MultiGrains (S$4.30).

b for bagel - display case

Their sweeter flavours include Apple Cinnamon Chutney (S$4.90), Cinnamon Orange (S$5.20) and Fig Chutney (S$5.20). Alternatively, if you’re seeking something a little more savoury, why not go for the Kalamata Olive (S$5.20), Salt N Butter (S$5.50) and Garlicbutter Cheese (S$5.50) bagels?

b for bagel - garlicbutter cheese

If you’re a fan of garlic bread, the Garlicbutter Cheese Bagel is a must-try, as it’s generously topped with chopped garlic and savoury cheese. Every bite burst with a strong umami flavour, and the chewy, fluffy texture of the bagel made it even more palatable.

b for bagel - bacon cheese omelette

For something a little more filling, go for B For Bagel’s stuffed bagelwiches in the flavours of Jambon Butter (S$11.90), Bacon Cheese Omelette (S$14.50), Smoked Salmon (S$16.90) and Ham and Fig Chutney (S$12.40).

We tried the Bacon Cheese Omelette Bagel, which combined the saltiness of the crispy bacon and cheese with the mild creaminess of the scrambled eggs. There was also a layer of cream cheese that gave the entire bagel a tinge of sweetness.

b for bagel - banana cloud

Don’t miss out on B For Bagel’s dessert bagels, including Peach Cloud (S$7.50), Black Turtle Bean Mascarpone (S$7.90) and Banana Cloud (S$7.50). The Banana Cloud Bagel was filled generously with smooth, silky cream, and the sweet flavour of the bananas permeated throughout the entire dish.

b for bagel 10

Grab a cup of coffee to go with your bagels. Drink options include the Cafe Latte (S$6.50), Vanilla Bean Latte (S$6.90), Salted Caramel Latte (S$6.90) and Einspenner (S$6.50).

With its chill and vibrant atmosphere, B For Bagel is the perfect spot for a quick catch-up with loved ones.

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

B For Bagel

163 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #B1-125 / 126, Singapore 247933

Our Rating 4/5

B For Bagel

163 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #B1-125 / 126, Singapore 247933

Telephone: +65 8781 0079
Operating Hours: 9.30am - 5pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8781 0079

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 5pm (Daily)