Keen’s Bagelry: Thick Japanese and NYC-inspired bagelwiches hidden within a Bugis craft marketplace

Keen’s Bagelry is a shop that I’ve been itching to visit ever since they opened in June 2022. With giant bagels stuffed with delectably savoury ingredients, who could possibly resist?

Located along North Bridge Road in Bugis, Keen’s Bagelry is hidden within Curbside Crafters, a craft and arts marketplace. You’ll spot the quaint bagelry at the back of the marketplace, with gorgeous shiny bagels on display at the side.

keens bagelry - storefront

Keen’s Bagelry was founded by Keen, who graduated from Nanyang Business School, but elected to join the local F&B industry instead. The bagelry offers a range of savoury stuffed bagelwiches (basically a bagel-sandwich) filled with ingredients like scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, hashbrowns and bacon!

Given the tight space, there wasn’t an abundance of seating areas for dining in, but Keen showed us to a cosy spot at the back of Curbside Crafters with a small table for us to enjoy our bagels at.

What I tried at Keen’s Bagelry

keen's bagelry - packaging

We got two bagels from Keen’s Bagelry, which were wrapped in paper and served with our names lovingly handwritten by Keen, an adorable way to begin our meal!

We first tried Keen’s Bagelry’s most popular creation, the Truffle Chikin Bagel (S$12), which was filled with oven-baked house marinated chicken leg, torched sliced cheddar and house-made truffle mayo. Keen also highly suggested adding on Scrambled Eggs with Mozzarella for S$4, which we did.

keens bagelry - scrambled eggs

The scrambled eggs were freshly cooked together with mozzarella cheese upon order, and I watched as the silky, steaming hot eggs were piled on to my bagel.

keens bagelry - torched cheese

The slice of cheddar cheese was hand-torched, giving it a gooey and melty texture. What resulted was a stunning, thick bagelwich, filled with a generous amount of ingredients.

keens bagelry - truffled chikin

The bagel itself had a chewy and dense texture, and despite its density, it wasn’t tough or difficult to bite through. The bagel had a glossy surface and was fun to devour.

keens bagelry - truffled chikin

The chicken meat was thick, tender and juicy, with a lovely marination that allowed the meat to burst with flavour all on its own. The scrambled eggs were soft and gooey, and the layer of truffle mayo within the bagel was the perfect finishing touch. The truffle taste was strong and aromatic, and certainly satisfied my truffle-loving tastebuds.

I can certainly see why Keen’s Bagelry’s Truffle Chikin Bagel is their most popular item. The extra scrambled eggs with mozzarella added another layer of texture and flavour to the bagel, and fellow chicken and truffle lovers won’t be disappointed!

keens bagelry - brekkie

Next up, we had the Bekkie Bagel (S$10.50), containing US wood-smoked turkey bacon, scrambled eggs with mozzarella, torched sliced cheddar and house-made garlic aioli. Keen also added on a Hashbrown (S$2.50) and Johnsonville Chicken Smoked Sausage (S$3.50), such that the Bekkie Bagel contained all the elements of a classic American breakfast.

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keens bagelry - brekkie

I believe that this truly might be one of the best breakfast-inspired dishes I’ve ever had. The hashbrown was incredibly crispy with a gorgeous golden brown hue, while the smoked turkey bacon was crunchy and salty. Similar to the previous bagel, the scrambled eggs were silky and smooth, providing a nice textural contrast to the meatier and crispier elements of the Bekkie Bagel.

The garlic aioli was the perfect finishing touch to the bagel, giving the dish rich and umami undertones.

Final thoughts

keens bagelry 14

Within three months of its opening, Keen’s Bagelry managed to rack up a huge following on social media, with their bagels receiving lots of traction and attention online. After trying these IG-famous bagels, I can certainly understand why this quaint and humble business has become as popular as it has.

The bagels that we tried were stuffed chock full of ingredients, all of which complemented each other perfectly to create a satisfying and delicious meal. I could feel the effort and passion at Keen’s Bagelry, with each bagel being hand-crafted lovingly.

Keen’s Bagelry is a spot that I would most certainly return to in the future, and I’m excited to stuff myself with their delectable creations once more!

Expected damage: S$9 – S$16.50 per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Keen's Bagelry

730 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198698

Our Rating 5/5

Keen's Bagelry

730 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198698

Telephone: +65 9298 1393
Operating Hours: 12pm - 8pm (Tue to Fri), 12pm - 3pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 9298 1393

Operating Hours: 12pm - 8pm (Tue to Fri), 12pm - 3pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon