First dibs: Whiskdom — Popular bakery opens pink-themed cafe with chunky cookies and stuffed bagels

I’d say that Whiskdom is arguably one of the most popular home-based businesses that opened a physical store in Singapore. Their chunky, Levain-style cookies and oozy blackout brownies have long been some of my favourite sweet treats, so I was pleased to hear that Whiskdom had opened a cafe along North Bridge Road.

whiskdom - interior

Decked out in gorgeous pink hues, Whiskdom boasted an adorable and incredibly Instagrammable seating area. Look forward to enjoying a variety of delicious bakes and drinks, starting with their all-new savoury bagels.

whiskdom - bagels

Whiskdom offers four stuffed bagels: H.E.C (S$9.90), filled with ham, egg and cheese, K-bae-gel (S$15.90), containing kimchi chicken, housemade gochujang aioli and kimchi slaw, Otah Bum (S$14.90), stuffed with spiced mackerel on mayonnaise and fresh lettuce, and Eggsplode (S$12.90), which combines soft boiled eggs with mayonnaise, cheese and furikake.

whiskdom - k-bae-gel

K-bae-gel blew me away with its piquancy and incredibly generous fillings. The chicken meat was thick, juicy and tender, and was well marinated. The kimchi added a nice amount of saltiness and the entire bagel made for a satisfying and delicious meal.

whiskdom - eggsplode

Eggsplode, on the other hand, was similarly packed full of flavour. The egg fillings were creamy and soft, and the furikake toppings gave the bagel an evident umami flavour. My dining companion, who usually doesn’t go for egg dishes, even said that she would travel back to Whiskdom for the Eggsplode bagel!

whiskdom - bakes

Of course, who can leave Whiskdom without trying their famous chunky cookies and brownies? A single piece of each dessert costs S$6.50, while a box of six comes in at S$38.

whiskdom - bakes

Choose from nine cookies, including flavours like Matcha Lava, Creme Brulee, Berries & Creme, Dark Cacao Speculoos and Chocolate Smores, or indulge in a rich lava brownie in flavours like Speculoos Delight, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Salted Dark Chocolate, Oreo Peanut Butter and Hojicha Cocoa.

Chocolate lovers won’t be disappointed by the rich and fudgy Dark Cacao Speculoos Cookie, filled with fragrant speculoos spread. Berries & Creme, on the other hand, had juicy and sweet pieces of dried berries within.

whiskdom - bakes

The Oreo Peanut Butter Brownie was incredibly satisfying with a thick and sticky peanut butter filling, combined with little oreo pieces. The flowy, lava quality of the brownie made it even more exciting to devour!

whiskdom - drinks

Finally, Whiskdom’s drinks are not to be missed. Options include their Dalgona Coffee (S$7.50), topped with sweet and crispy dalgona candy, Whiskdom Galaxy (S$6.90), made with blue pea tea, strawberry soda and konjac pearls, and Oolong Cloud (S$5.90), a refreshing take on oolong tea.

whiskdom - bagels and drinks

Though the prices are on the steeper end, Whiskdom did not hold back on delivering delicious, freshly prepared dishes of the highest quality. I will certainly return in the future!

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


757 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198725

Our Rating 4.5/5


757 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198725

Telephone: +65 8907 8981
Operating Hours: 11am - 6pm (Tue to Sat), 11am - 8pm (Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 8907 8981

Operating Hours: 11am - 6pm (Tue to Sat), 11am - 8pm (Sun), Closed on Mon
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