Two Bake Boys release limited-edition snowy skin crepe mooncakes this mid-autumn festival

The mooncake craze is riding high from all the classic and also creative versions that’s been popping out regularly. Well, there is an innovative new item on the block and it does indeed take the cake. Two Bake Boys, known for their fluffy and smooth crepe cakes have now taken it up a notch with their version for the beloved mid-autumn festival: crepe mooncakes! Here comes Crepe me to the Moon (S$48.00).

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Described as moon crepe cakes, it claims to be the first of its kind in Singapore. One box comes with 4 snow skin mooncakes, a complimentary sauce and an ice pack. It comes packaged in a box adorned with beautiful, intricate designs. The mooncake is a Thai tea crepe within a chewy snow skin. It is meant to be enhanced by drizzling the given sauce on top, which completes brings it all together.

You can choose to either buy it online, or there is pickup available at their Jewel pop-up store. The offer begins from 1 Sep 2022 until 11 Sep 2022. So grab these super exclusive crepe mooncakes before they disappear. Go for something new this festival season!

crepe mooncake 1

As they are firstly a crepe cake shop, it would be a shame to not give some of their regular menu items a try. Their bestsellers include pretty cool flavours like the Taro Crepe Cake with sauce (S$8.00 a slice), Early Grey Crepe Cake with sauce (S$8.00) and the Japanese Royal Milk Tea Crepe Cake with sauce (S$9.00). Get creped away with these sweet goodies and indulge in some and more.

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