Is Haidilao Beer From NTUC FairPrice Worth Your Calories?

If you’re a hotpot lover like me, you’ll know that a refreshing pint of beer is just the thing to go along with a boiling pot of veggies and meat.

And where better than Haidilao 海底捞 to satisfy your hotpot craving? Granted, I’m one of the cynics—service is impeccable, but food-wise, it doesn’t always live up to the rave reviews I’ve heard in my social circles.

Price is also a sore point, because really, that impeccable service costs a pretty penny.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 1

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re trying to DIY your own Haidilao experience at home. You can get the soup bases in supermarkets, and guess what? Now you can snap up cans or cartons of Haidilao beer, too!

As an amateur alcohol aficionado who’s trying to watch my caloric intake, beer is one of those drinks that really epitomise the term “empty calories”. Drink a pint, and you’ve ingested slightly over 200 calories.

So, I’ve learnt to pick my beers carefully—if I’m going to ingest 200 calories, I might as well make it worth my tastebuds’ time.

Let’s see if these three beers from Haidilao make the cut.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 6

First up, I took a swig from the green can—the Weissebier (S$5.95 per can), a German wheat beer. Wheat beers are brewed with more wheat than malted barley, with mild hoppy notes.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 7

True to form, Haidilao’s Weissebier was mild, inoffensive and easy to drink. All the elements you’d want when pairing a refreshing beer with hotpot, really. Hints of biscuit greeted the nose, smoothly transitioning into mild fruity notes.

I can see myself washing down meaty bites with this refreshing beer that’s light on the palate. Not a bad beer at all.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 4

Haidilao’s first brand-name beer is the Classic Amber Lager (S$5.95 per can), a classic barley beer. This is much bigger on flavours than the Weissebier—distinctive barley malt and hop greeted the nose, typical of a classic lager.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 2

What’s interesting is the juicy, zesty notes that followed, reminding me somewhat of a fruity IPA but with finish that isn’t as bitter. This is perhaps a post-meal drink, to be enjoyed after polishing off a small mountain of food.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 3

Finally, I tried the Dark Lager (S$5.95)—and found it actually pretty decent. Not a spectacular beer by any stretch of imagination, but it’s solid, smooth brew with slight chocolatey notes on the finish.

Haidilao Beer Ntuc Fairprice Singapore 5

Take it as a dessert drink, if you will.

Those who frequent Haidilao might want a taste of familiarity, so grab a can or two of Haidilao’s brew and fire up the steamboat pots.

You can even get a carton of 12 if you want to stock up for future sessions—though I’d recommend getting it online and delivered, because 12 cans of 500ml beer definitely aren’t light.

Let us know if you liked it, and which beer was your favourite!

Dates & Times: Now available at NTUC FairPrice outlets and online

Prices: S$5.95 per can, S$69.95 per carton of 12