Slurp Up All-New Baileys Boboshake From Heytea x Baileys Now Available Till 15 Mar

If you haven’t heard about this exciting news from the grapevine, here it is. Barely two years old in Singapore, Heytea has once again brought something new to our little red dot.

Heytea Baileys Boboshake Singapore Feb 2020 7

Dubbed one of the most iconic tea brands in China, Heytea did not disappoint when they first arrived in Singapore. Introducing many interesting drinks like their classic Cheezo drinks and the localised salted egg yolk, mango and durian drinks, it’s impressive how they just keep coming up with more ideas. 

Not too long ago, Heytea announced that they have collaborated with Baileys Irish Cream to come up with an all-new seasonal drink. When I heard about the Baileys Boboshake, I headed down to Heytea’s Clarke Quay outlet to give these drinks a shot. 

Heytea Baileys Boboshake Singapore Feb 2020

Carefully prepared in the kitchen, it was refreshing to see how my bubble tea was made. At this outlet, it was easier to get up close and personal than at other bubble tea chains. 

Heytea Baileys Boboshake Singapore Feb 2020 4

The decorations around the store were minimalistic and aesthetically-pleasing as well, so you probably won’t have to worry about where to take your Instagrammable shots.

Heytea Baileys Boboshake Singapore Feb 2020 3

Available in both hot and cold versions, the drinks were absolutely beautiful. Featuring Baileys infused with Ceylon Black Milk Tea, the Baileys Boboshake is topped with crushed pecans and a generous dollop of fluffy whipped cream. 

Heytea Baileys Boboshake Singapore Feb 2020 5

Upon trying the cold version, I detected the taste of Baileys right away, but it was very subtle. Heytea also used taro pearls instead of the average tapioca pearls, which I never knew about until I tried it. Taro pearls were definitely more to my preference than tapioca ones, and I see myself buying this drink again to combat Singapore’s scorching weather. 

Heytea Baileys Boboshake Singapore Feb 2020 6

The hot version tasted somewhat calming and nostalgic. Considering the warmth of the milk, it reminded me of the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I sip on hot chocolate in cold weather.

For some reason, I felt that it was harder to taste the Baileys in the warm version. The taro pearls definitely tasted better in the hot version because the temperature caused them to melt fast, resulting in a chewier and softer bite. 

These drinks will be available at S$9.90 each, at all four Heytea outlets nationwide. Head down to grab yours soon—I personally think it’s worth a try. 

Dates & Times: Now available until15 March 2020

Price: S$9.90 per cup