Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill (Closed): Singapore Food Review

“Exceptional steak cuts at affordable prices.”

Hippopotamus - exteriorSet within the illustrious shopping landmark Marina Square, Hippopotamus restaurant Grill is a French based restaurant that has gained a strong reputation with the widest selection of meat cuts, from the renowned ‘Sirloin’, ‘Tenderloin’ and ‘Rib Eye’, to the unusual ‘Hanger’ and ‘Skirt’ steaks, all at amazingly affordable prices.

Hippopotamus - interiorThe interior concept cleverly amalgamates the traditional elements of a cozy French brasserie with those of a stylish, modern space – making it an ideal venue for almost all occasions.

Hippopotamus - Avocado shrimp

Tomato Tartare with Guacamole ($11.90). Sweet fresh prawns that were crisp to the bite. The avocado guacamole paste was more than just as a complement to the shrimp, it acted as a meal enhancer. The taste and texture was that of a cold potato salad, creamy, smooth and most importantly – healthy.

Hippopotamus - egg bacon 2

Poached Egg with Red Wine ($6.50). The conventional comfort food for the French, crusty bacon strips dipped in velvety egg yolks infused with a special wine sauce that delivers heaps of flavour with an extra side of tangy. Delicious.

Hippopotamus - soup

French Onion Soup ($7.90). Onions and a generous amount of warm melted cheese, the initial scent might require some getting used to. The cheese was appetizing, the soup rotund and thick with flavour.

Hippopotamus - bone marrow

Bone Marrow ($11.90). For the connoisseurs, welcome to “tulang” heaven. Genuine bone marrow served with a slice of lightly toasted bread. Save for the intense sodium level on this beast, the prized jelly goodness has a texture like if foie gras and Eggs Benedict had a birth child. Rich and gratifying, one can almost literally taste the saturated fats melting in your mouth.

Hippopotamus - burger

Hippo 5th Avenue Burger ($17.90). A lush combination of thick juicy beef patty atop sautéed onions and fresh vegetables, generously topped with succulent strips of bacon.

In the premium beef cuts selection, Hippopotamus has reconstructed their already extensive selection of premium cuts to include new succulent mains such as the Wagyu Hanger, Bone-In Sirloin and the Wagyu Flank Steak.

Hippopotamus - wagyu

Wagyu Hanger ($39.90). Elaborate marbling coupled with a grainy texture, the steak is tender yet rich. The meat might seem very red and raw even when medium cooked, but that’s normal so don’t be alarmed.

Each bite is oozing with rich, slightly-smoked flavour that I really enjoy. This was probably the best steak we tried there, and very worth the price.

Hippopotamus - bone steak 1 Hippopotamus - bone steak 2

Bone-In Sirloin ($35.90). The bones are retained for the extra punch of flavour, while the steak is seasoned with deeply-rubbed spices. Although succulent, the steak did not impress as much as I thought it would.

hippopotamus steak marina square

Wagyu Flank 200g ($32.90). The Wagyu Flank Steak is a secondary cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow. Because it comes from a well-exercised part of the cow, it is best to slice against to grain to enhance the meat’s tenderness, or it can get a little tough.

Highly flavourful, but not as tender as the Wagyu Hanger.

Hippopotamus - strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake ($8.90). Deconstructed into layers, the dessert somehow manages to bring intricate flavours to the palate with just the cheesecake, fresh strawberries, and cookie crumble base.

Hippopotamus - french toast nutella

French Toast Nutella ($7.50). Crisp slice of French toast generously lathered in creamy Nutella, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The perfect savoury treat to end the food journey, and you know nothing can go wrong with vanilla and Nutella.

Boasting affordable pricing as wonderful as the cuisine, Hippopotamus is the go-to place for exceptional steak cuts without burning a hole in your pocket.

Expected damage: $40-$80/pax

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-204/205, Marina Square | Singapore 039594 | Tel: 63385352