Hokkaido Harvests at Triple Three: Singapore Buffet Review

“Hokkaido Harvests 2014”

Hokkaido - Beef

We are pretty sure that almost everyone is familiar with the iconic and famous Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore situated along Orchard Road. This is the very hotel that kickstarted the concept of eating hawker food at a hotel coffeehouse setting.

Buffet lovers, this is one buffet event you do not want to miss out on. You will totally be spoilt for choices at this Japanese-inspired international buffet at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard, which is specially bringing in produce for Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido Harvests will only be available for a limited time until 30th November 2014 and you can taste authentic Hokkaido delicacies prepared with ingredients specially flown in from Japan’s second largest island.

Hokkaido Harvest triple three - Sake Barrel Breaking

We were invited to taste this sumptuous buffet on its opening night and were definitely blown away by the extensive buffet spread. The opening ceremony began with a kagami-biraki (the breaking of a sake barrel to signify harmony and good fortune), and the live filleting of a specially imported 60kg Yellowfin Tuna from Japan. Not to worry guys, the tuna was from a sustainable source.

filleting a tuna

The maguro tuna was melt-in-your-mouth fresh and it made us all so excited!

chef live cutting tuna fillet

Hokkaido Harvest triple three - Seafood

We began our highly satisfying gastronomic adventure with the freshest seafood selection that features Hokkaido sushi and sashimi favourites such as the Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp), Hotate (scallop), Ika (squid) and many more. Make sure you don’t miss out feasting on the supreme of crab species – the succulent Taraba-Kani (king crab), before sampling the Hokkaido Chirashi – assortment of fresh sashimi laced with a whip of creamy avocado atop a bed of premium Japanese rice.

Hokkaido Harvest triple three buffet - Robatayaki

The Robatayaki station (my personal favourite station) serves up crisp vegetables, fresh seared meat and seafood on skewers. These skewers are slow grilled over scorching charcoal and served to you hot and juicy.

Hokkaido - Beef Teppanyaki wagyu singapore

The Robatayaki station also boasts the finest grade of Japanese Wagyu Beef slow roasted to perfection. We are pretty sure that you will run back for second servings as the beef is so tender that it was like eating marshmallow. It is also useful to know that wagyu beef has higher percentages of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils but is lower in cholesterol than other beef varietals, making it a healthier choice.

Hokkaido Harvest triple three - Seafood Okowa

Who can resist a hearty bowl of springy Hokkaido Ramen served in miso or shio broth? We suggest you help yourself to a bowl of piping hot ramen which is the ultimate Japanese comfort food. Pork lovers (like myself) will be thrilled by the Buta Don station – where you will be served char-grilled pork seasoned with soy sauce on Japanese Tawayara rice which is yet another of Hokkaido’s famous local dishes. This dish reminds me of our local char siew rice except the char-grilled pork in this dish is much softer and less chewy.

Hokkaido Harvest triple three - Hokkaido Beef

Other die die must try items are the Hokkaido Steamed Beef Roll with Sake and the Mentaiko Grilled Lobster. The former is made with a delicate layer of Hokkaido Beef wrapped around crunchy asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and prawns; then steamed with sake and served with ponzu sauce. This was a rather interesting and unusual combination resulting in a different yet very surprisingly yummy dish.

Hokkaido Harvest triple three - Mentaiko Lobster

Grilled lobsters are always popular; we dare put our last dollar that most people will love the Mentaiko Grilled Lobster. The mentaiko is strong and flavourful and most definitely brings out the sweetness of the lobster meat.

Hokkaido Harvest triple three - Unagi Sushi

The buffet also offers all-year round favourites like sushi and other common types of sashimi.

Hokkaido - Desserts

Last but definitely not least, the dessert spread felt like Christmas came early this year! The spread ranged from milk based desserts like puddings to cakes and soft milky breads. Apart from seafood, the island also produces milk locally. The milk is naturally sweet, and it is evident in their desserts. Thankfully, the desserts were just the right amount of sweet and tart with yuzu-flavoured items too.

Hokkaido - Melon Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

Be sure to sample the melon ice cream as pictured above, and also their various popsicle sticks.

Exclusive produce from Hokkaido and a very festive experience, Hokkaido Harvests at Triple Three was an unforgettable buffet indulgence.

Hokkaido Harvests is available for dinner everyday and Sunday Brunch at Triple Three from now till 30th November 2014, at $138++ for adults and $42++ for children aged 6 to 12 years old. For enquires and reservations, please call +656831 6288 or email [email protected]

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