11 Death-defying Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are a jaded adventurer looking for someplace thrilling to go for a holiday, these are many countries you can go to find adrenaline-fueled fun. Go on, bring some like-minded friends or drag reluctant ones along to conquer your fears and experience some of the most amazing attractions, guaranteed to give you wave after wave of adrenaline rush.

There are sure to be many other types of extreme sports but the list below are just a few interesting (and legal) ones.

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1. World’s Highest Bungy Jump – Macau Tower

Macau tower highest bungee bungy jump
Photo: ajhackett.com

Besides the casino, Macau is home to the highest commercial bungee jump in the world – Jump off the Macau Tower 233 metres from the ground. The tower also offers similar thrilling activities such as the Skywalk, which allows you to walk on the outside of the tower at the same height and the Tower Climb, an ascend to the highest point of the building for those interested to challenge themselves physically.

Challenge yourself at:

Macau Tower: Largo Da Torre de Macau, Macau | Tel: +853 2893 3339 | Website

2. Nevis Swing – Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand Nevis swing
Photo: bungy.co.nz

The people of New Zealand actually invented many extreme sports we know today, like Bungee Jumping that was invented by daredevil A J Hackett. So it is no wonder that the country is a one-stop destination for all kinds of thrilling activities. If you are looking for a holiday filled with extremes, New Zealand offers a variety and is a great and convenient way to try out many different types of thrills. The country is also home to the Nevis Swing, the biggest one in the world with a crazy swinging arc of 300 metres.

Challenge yourself at:

Nevis Swing: AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown, Kawarau Bungy Centre – World Home of Bungy, SH 6, Gibbston, Queenstown, New Zealand | Tel: +64 3 450 1300 | Website

3. Volcano Boarding – Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Nicaragua volcano
Photo: expertvagabond.com
Nicaragua volcano surfing boarding
Photo: expertvagabond.com

Fancy surfing down a volcano at 50 miles per hour? A popular place to go volcano boarding is on Cerro Negro, an active volcano in Western Nicaragua. Yes, though it last erupted in 1999, Cerro Negro is considered ‘restless’ and not ‘active’. Needless to say this extreme sport is pretty dangerous with volcanic ash, poisonous gases, and goodness knows what else. Not extreme enough yet? Head to Mount Yasur on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, where eruptions can take place several times per hour.

Challenge yourself at:

Bigfoot Hostel, Leon, Nicaragua: Del Banco Procredit, 1/2 cuadra al sur, Leon, Nicaragua | Tel: +505 2315 3863 | Website

Tierra Tours: Merced Church, 1 1/2 blocks north, Leon, Nicaragua | Tel: +505 2552 8723 | Website

Quetzaltrekkers Leon: 1/2 blocks west of the Mercantíl (next to the restaurant La Mexicana) León, Nicaragua, C.A. | Tel: +505 2311 7388 | Website

4. Crocodile Bungy Jump – Victoria Falls Bridge

Africa crocodile bungee bungy jumping
Photo: mensxp.com

If you have got a thing for crocodiles – just like Steve Irwin, try the crocodile bungee jump at the Victoria Falls Bridge which connects Zambia and Zimbabwe, where you get to plunge and hover above a river infested by these carnivorous reptiles. The rope has actually snapped before, but luckily the 22-year old Australian jumper managed to escape death with ‘just’ several broken bones.

Challenge yourself at:

Victoria Falls Bridge: Between Zambia and Zimbabwe Border Posts, 0000 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia | Tel: +260 213 324 231 | Website

5. Hang Gliding – Stanwell Park, Australia

Australia hang gliding
Photo: hanggliding.com.au
Australia hang gliding
Photo: hanggliding.com.au

Similar to New Zealand, Australia offers plenty of extreme sports, one of which is hang gliding like a bird in the air. Those more partial to the air can also go skydiving, which are available in several different parts of Australia.

Hang Gliding:

Sydney Hang Gliding Centre: Bald Hill Headland Reserve, Stanwell Park NSW 2508, Australia | Tel: +61 2 4294 4294 | Website

Hang Glide Oz: PO Box 1, Thirroul NSW 2515, Australia | Tel: 0417 939 200 | Website


Skydive Australia: 5 different locations (Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Byron Bay and Mission Beach) | Tel: 1300 800 840 | Website

6. Shark Cage Diving – Port Lincoln, Australia


Charter a boat out in Port Lincoln to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure of viewing Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. Get up close and personal with these huge creatures of the sea while staying safe behind steel bars. No prior diving experience is required. Don’t put your hands out of the cage though, you might just lose one. All Shark Cage charters are fully licensed by the government and certified eco-friendly.

Calypso Star Charters: 3/10 South Quay Boulevard, Port Lincoln SA 5606, Australia | Tel: +61 (8) 8682 3939 | Website

Adventure Bay Charters: 2 Jubilee Drive, Port Lincoln SA 5606, Australia | Tel: (08) 8682 2979 | Website

The above Australian addresses are a few of the many places that offer their respective extreme sports in Australia. Do a search to find more options and choices!

7. Skydiving – Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Mount Everest skydive
Photo: everest-skydive.com
Nepal Mount Everest skydive
Photo: everest-skydive.com

The country makes full use of the mountains, surrounding them, including Mount Everest, the highest in the world. While plenty of places offer skydiving, the one in Nepal is sure to give you a once in a lifetime experience of plummeting down past the tallest peaks on Earth. The price is hefty though – a whopping $25,000 for a solo skydive and $35,000 for a tandem one! Er, I think I will wait to strike the lottery first…

Challenge yourself at:

Everest Skydive Adventure: Amrit Marg, Bhagan Bahal Thamel, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal | Website

8. Heliskiing/ Heliboarding – Anzere, Switzerland

Switzerland heli-skiing heliboarding
Photo: ro.si

Powdery, white snow dominates most of their extreme sports, such as snowboarding, canyon jumping and paragliding, mainly through the Alps. Keen skiers who are up for a challenge can go heli-skiing or heliboarding, where helicopters take you up to open terrain with no lift lines. This is great for ski or snowboarding enthusiasts who are jaded by regular commercialized ski places.

Challenge yourself at:

SwisSKIfari: Sabline 49, 1972 Anzere, Switzerland | Tel: +41 79 239 4152 | Website

Adrenaline Heliski: Rue de la Poste 11, 1936 Verbier, Switzerland | Tel: +41 79 205 95 95 | Website

Swiss Alpine Guides: Bergsportschule, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland | Tel: 0041 (0) 33 822 6000 | Website

9. Wingsuit Base Jumping – Arizona, USA

Arizona USA wingsuit base jumping the grand canyon
Photo: article.wn.com

Wingsuit base-jumping is a personal dream of mine. Imagine soaring through the skies like an actual bird – with the suit mainly helping you fly but not any sort of clunky equipment or devices. FREEDOM. And what better way to do it than over the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world?

The first attempt made in April 2015 has shown that it is possible to do so. It is extremely dangerous though, and you need skydiving and BASE jumping experience before you can learn to wingsuit base jump.

If you are already an experienced skydiver or BASE jumper, get started with wingsuit base-jumping lessons:

Wingsuit Flying: Various locations throughout the world | Website

10. Speed Flying – Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France

France speed-flying
Photo: infinitelegroom.com
France speed-flying
Photo: infinitelegroom.com

Speed flying or speed riding is a combination of skiing and paragliding, where you strap on both skis and a paraglider-esque wing known as the speed wing. This allows the skier to rush down the mountain at incredible speeds of 20 to 90 miles per hour, sometimes even getting airtime when skiing off the bumps and rocks of the mountains. The Les Arcs Speedriding School in France will you get you started.

Les Arcs Speedriding School: 73700 Arc 2000 Bourg-Saint-Maurice France | Tel: +33 (0)6 19 51 39 34 | Website

11. Bouldering – California, USA

California USA yosemite valley bouldering
Photo: brunoplim.wordpress.com

An upgrade from the usual rock-climbing, set your hearts pumping when you do bouldering, which is usually a climb along the face of a cliff or huge rocks. This is an upgrade because the scale up does not involve any equipment or safety harnesses! This extreme sport can be done at wherever possible (where there’s a cliff or boulder suitable), but try out places like Yosemite Valley to enjoy a spectacular view an challenging terrain.

Learn bouldering in Singapore:

Climb Asia: 60 Tessensohn Road, c/o Civil Service Club, Singapore 217664 | Tel: 6292 7701 | Website

Challenge yourself at:

Yosemite National Park, California, United States | Tel: (209) 372-4386 | Website

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