Honeypeachsg Bakery: Beautiful & delicious cakes to soothe that sweet tooth

Ever seen cakes too beautiful to eat? Well, over at Honeypeachsg Bakery, that’s definitely what you can expect. Where else can you get tastefully done, delicious cakes that adhere to the phrase, “you eat with your eyes first”? Or rather, the camera eats first since it’s all about that Social Media presence now. 

Six cakes. I ordered SIX cakes from Honeypeachsg Bakery to try them all out for myself. Did I go overboard? Yes. Did I suffer from a bad case of cake coma after? Read on to find out. 

What I tried 

Misty Butterflies

Image of misty butterflies

Misty Butterflies comes complete with a chock full of theatrics. Think of a beautifully decorated white base with dreamy lavender-hued butterflies, glass bubbles, and pearls. A cake fit for a princess-themed, garden party. 

Non-edible butterflies, glass bubbles, and pearls aside, I was blown away by its taste and texture. Layered with fresh strawberries and cream, the cake was crumbly and crisp. Not forgetting how the addition of fresh strawberries elevated the Strawberry Shortcake filling to another dimension. 

I’d recommend anyone who’s a fan of strawberries to get this, if you’re ok with the hefty price tag, that is. As the cake is currently on promotion now, it’ll only set you back S$82 and it comes with free delivery

White Swan 

Image of white swan

Another princess-themed related cake from Honeypeachsg Bakery is the White Swan. Currently, at a promotional price of S$109 (U.P. S$138), this angelic cake is all kinds of ethereal. A cake that could also double up as a 21st birthday cake with its symbolism of purity (due to the pastel white colour) topped with a sparkly tiara, surrounded by 3D feather wings, glass bubbles, and white roses. 

The flavour combination of Chocolate with Salted Caramel is one not to be missed. Taste-wise, it was sweet, heavy, and incredibly dense. However, the salted caramel was creamy and light, and helped to ease the intensity of the chocolate. This is a great cake for children or chocolate lovers. 

Lucky Gambling Cake (Poker/ Mahjong/ 4D Lottery Slips)

Image of gambling cake

If you’re looking for something a little more mahjong tiles or poker cards-related, Honeypeachsg Bakery has your back. Upon first glance, I was in awe of the spectacular detailing that went into each element on the Lucky Gambling Cake (S$109). From the mahjong tiles to the 4D ticket, it felt as though it was the real deal. Honestly, this whimsical cake just screams, ‘uniquely Singaporean’, and I’m all for it! 

Image of gambling cake

Another bonus? It came in a Double Chocolate flavour. Jackpot! I rarely gorge down on dessert and many find me weird for not liking desserts as much as I should, but, when it comes to anything double chocolate, you best bet I’d go weak in my knees. 

At this point, I’m not doubting Honeypeachsg Bakery’s baking ability because their cakes are exceptionally fluffy and moist; the way they should be. The inclusion of mini chocolate balls also gave each bite a lovely crunch. Trust me, a non-dessert person, to enjoy the most indulgent cake of the lot. 

Hot Air Balloon Bunny Cake

Image of hot air balloon bunny cake

Let’s start off with how adorable this cake looks! Truly a cake for any child’s birthday celebration. The Hot Air Balloon Bunny Cake (S$180) comes in a choice of two colours, pink or blue, and is decorated with an edible hot air balloon (which when eaten, will instantly give you a sugar rush!) and bunny, clouds, stars, and a personalised name made with fondant. 

Close up of hot air balloon bunny cake

I got the Vanilla Raspberry flavour for this cake and boy, did it go beyond my expectations. The cake was light and airy, and was just the right amount of sweetness. This is a great flavour combination for those who prefer a lighter and not-so-dense cake. 

Pastel Rainbow Drips Cake 

Image of rainbow drips cake

Looking for a cake that’s less in-your-face and more mellow? Honeypeachsg Bakery’s range of simple cake designs are as visually stunning. The Pastel Rainbow Drips Cake (S$98) comes in a pastel rainbow base (duh) accentuated by white drips and topped with macarons. 

For this one, I decided to go with a flavour combination I’ve not had before, Cookie Butter. Don’t gasp, like I mentioned above, I rarely indulge in cake! Moving on from the blasphemous piece of information (especially within an article about desserts), I’m proud to announce that I finally found a flavour combination I’d be down for, any day. 

A flavour combination as versatile and quirky as me; this is definitely worthy of everyone’s excitement. Words can’t describe how satisfyingly tasty this flavour combination was but if I could compare it to a character, it would be Lewis Carroll’s (Mad) Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Oof, talk about a trip down the rabbit hole. 

Earl Grey Lavender 

image of earl grey lavender cake

Lastly, the Earl Grey Lavender (SS$59). Another simple-looking cake, it is light yet flavourful, and incredibly aromatic! 

Close up of earl grey lavender cake

If you like earl grey tea, this one is definitely for you. Personally, I’m not an earl grey person, but the flavour profiles stayed true to their name and I felt like I was sipping a cup of earl grey tea with each bite; a flavour so intense that it overshadowed the lavender fresh cream. However, it was a well-balanced pairing in just the right proportions. 

Final thoughts 

Image of honeypeachsg bakery's cakes

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy a few good hours of stuffing my face with six different flavoured cakes as much as I thought I would. I also have immense respect for cake artists and their attention to detail; it’s truly a commendable skill to have! 

While I don’t see myself religiously stuffing my face with cakes every week, Honeypeachsg Bakery has definitely proved to be one of the highest-ranking bakeries to head over to to get customisable birthday cakes with incredible flavour combinations. Besides, I now have a favourite flavour combination to look forward to for my birthday! 

Head on over to their Website or Instagram page to make your order today!

Expected damage: S$59 – S$180 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Honeypeachsg Bakery.

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