I-Bing: Try These Cute Popsicles At Chinatown Point Made From Fresh Fruits & Shaped To Look Like Them

How does a fresh fruit ice cream sound like on a scorching sunny day? At I-Bing, you’ll get to enjoy ice cream that is made entirely of fruits!

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A sister brand to April’s Bakery, I-Bing opened at Chinatown Point in January 2018. Imported from Thailand, these unique fruit popsicles are the first of their kind in Singapore.

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Using only the highest grade fruits to make these ice creams means that they taste incredibly authentic. The only way you can get ice cream that tastes more like fruit would be eating the fruit itself.

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Doesn’t the banana in the package look just like the real thing? The Banana ($5.50) looked so realistic I unconsciously tried to peel off the “skin”, only to smush my fingers into the soft cream.

The Banana ice cream had a creamy texture that was even a little sticky, and it’s taste faintly reminiscent of a fragrant loaf of banana bread.

In addition, the ice cream was rather dense and surprisingly filling, while the chocolate tip of the ice cream gave a nice contrast in taste to the banana ice cream too. 

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Dubbed the king of fruits, this Durian ($5.50) looked as though it was freshly pried out from the shell and jammed onto a stick. The ice cream had a really strong smell, exactly like the fruit!

Many say there’s nothing quite like durian flesh but clearly, they haven’t tried the ice cream here. It felt and tasted like the real deal, flooding my taste buds with creamy and rich flavour.

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The Mangosteen ($5.50) was a refreshing change of taste because it came as a sorbet, which had a sharp and sweet flavour.

I was hoping the different layers of colours to taste differently, just like how the tip of the Banana was made with chocolate, but it was just made with different food colourings. As opposed to how sorbet can sometimes get too crystalised, I enjoyed how the texture of this ice cream was smooth and fine.

I did find it a little too sweet for my liking, and would have preferred if it came in a bigger portion at that price point.

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When I sank my teeth into the Mango ($5.50), I really thought that they actually froze a mango; that’s how authentic it tasted!

Its texture is a little icy, like a refreshing ice-blended drink, but still pleasantly creamy. I found the taste of Mango to be more mellow compared to the previous ice cream flavours.

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Finally, we got to the ice cream I really wanted to try. These pups come in three different flavours: Earl Grey( $7.50), Cookies & Cream ($7.50) and Chocolate ($7.50). Doesn’t it look unsettlingly realistic? Its eyes and tongue are made of milk chocolate and the snout was dark chocolate.

I couldn’t quite bear to have it face me as I chomped off its ear. I liked that the Earl Grey taste wasn’t all too overwhelming and in fact, served to complement the milky taste of the ice cream.

Though it’s a tad pricey, the realistic puppy faces make this really Insta-worthy.

There’s really no other ice cream quite like the ones at I-Bing.  My favourite from the lot was the Banana ice cream. I just can’t get over how creamy and sweet it was, and its sticky texture too.

For authentic fruit ice cream, there’s but only one place to go.

Expected Damage: $5.50 – $7.50 per pax

I-Bing: 133 New Bridge Road, #B1-35, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413 | Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Daily) | Tel: 65+ 8459 4956 | Facebook

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