IceBurg: Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream Burger, Macaron Burger & More At Marina Bay Link Mall

Desserts are the best part of any meal, and we can always count on dessert chefs to be creative with flavours and style. We’ve heard of ice cream waffles and ice cream sandwiches, but ice cream burgers?

Iceburg 1

IceBurg by Cream Palette decided that ice cream burgers made with their exquisitely curated ice cream would be a perfect after meal treat, and I have to agree.

Located right within the Central Business District in Marina Bay Link Mall, Iceburg serves Ice Cream Burgers to the lunchtime crowd.

Iceburg 7

To start, we ordered a freshly baked Choux Pastry Puff With Mao Shan Wang (S$6.50). Rich and creamy, the Mao Shan Wang ice cream tasted exactly like the fruit. Despite that, the ice cream didn’t have a heavy pungent smell.

The Choux Puff was crispy on the outside thanks to its freshness since the puffs are baked in-house every day. The combination of the ice cream and Choux Puff was delightful and we felt it would be a great option for sharing as it can be a little too rich for one to finish.

Iceburg 8

The next dessert will definitely be a popular pick among the ladies! Freshly baked Macaron With Lady Grey Ice Cream (S$5.90) is a must-try if you’re a tea lover. Lady Grey is a variant of Earl Grey tea, which has stronger notes of citrus.

Due to the hints of citrus, this ice cream was slightly lighter on the palate but still creamy. The macaron was less sweet than usual, which complemented the sweet and citrus ice cream.

Iceburg 5

It’s always double the enjoyment when you get a double scoop of chocolate ice cream. The Chewy Cookies With Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (S$10.50) came with two generous scoops of ice cream held between two freshly baked cookies.

Their Dark Chocolate ice cream was really rich and creamy, retaining a slight bitterness from the cocoa. Perfect for people who love dark chocolate!

You can also choose the cookie flavours, so we got Chewy Brownie and Chocolate Chip Walnut. They were chewy and crunchy at the same time, but the sweetness was a little too overwhelming when eaten together with the ice cream.

Iceburg 6

Last but not least of the desserts was the Banana Muffin With Chocolate Ice Cream (S$5.40). I love how well banana and chocolate taste together, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I had this option.

Even though this technically isn’t a burger, this is personally my favourite flavour and combination. The banana ice cream was extremely full-bodied, yet it wasn’t too sweet — exactly like a banana would taste. Accompanied by a soft and fluffy chocolate muffin, each mouthful was full of irresistible goodness.

Iceburg 10

In addition, as part of the Mid-Autumn festival, IceBurg is selling their Ice Cream Mochi in the form of Ice Cream Mochi Mooncakes (S$3.90 for one, S$7/ for two, S$13.80 for a box of 4).

They come in two different flavours, Lady Grey and Mao Shan Wang. If you missed the Mid-Autumn specials, don’t worry because they’ll still sell these mochis filled with ice cream throughout the year in these two flavours.

The thin mochi skin was slightly bouncy and filled with rich ice cream. Each mouthful was both chewy and creamy, and I really enjoyed this cold mooncake treat.

Iceburg 4

You can’t go wrong with ice cream for desserts, especially when they are crafted so wonderfully. IceBurg by Cream Palette puts in effort and dedication to create pretty and delicious ice cream desserts. They’ll surely bring satisfaction to any ice cream lover!

If you happen to be working in the CBD area, it wouldn’t hurt to go for some dessert. ‘Stressed’ spelt backwards is ‘desserts’, after all, which makes it the best way to chill out.

Expected Damage: S$4 – S$17 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3.5 / 5

IceBurg By Cream Palette

8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-79, Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984

Our Rating 3.5/5

IceBurg By Cream Palette

8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-79, Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984

Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Daily)