IKEA announces the end of its iconic catalogue after 70 years

For many of us, when looking to furnish our homes, IKEA has been our friend in need. The Swedish furniture giant, founded in 1943, has since become the world’s largest furniture retailer, with over 400 stores in 52 countries worldwide. Twelve years after its founding, IKEA published the very first issue of its catalogue in Sweden.

Fast forward 57 years, the annual publication has been reproduced in twenty languages. The company, together with its catalogue, hit Singapore’s shores in 1978. Functioning as the main marketing tool of the company, the catalogue has indeed solidified its place as the go-to for inspiration and browsing alike.


Well, up until today, that is. On 7 December 2020, IKEA announced that it would be ‘turning the page’ on its catalogue. Why? Although the publication saw peak sales in 2016, the proliferation of online shopping has diverted more and more customers to the brand’s online platform. This was further amplified by the effects of the pandemic, as more shoppers turned to online alternatives from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the very last edition, you can still do so by visiting their stores or simply heading to the website.

Ikea Catalog Singapore Dec 2020

Thankfully, the publication still lives on, albeit in a digital format and under a new name. In fact, IKEA Singapore has already released the 2021 edition of the IKEA brochure, which can be viewed for free here. These brochures are further classified into categories like kitchen, wardrobe, business and storage. In addition, the interactive format allows for greater ease in making online purchases for all your furniture needs.

Ikea Catalog Singapore Dec 2020 Online

Foodies do not despair, for you can still look to upgrade your kitchenware and cooking accessories right here. Be it a new sink bowl or kitchen organiser, IKEA is sure to have you covered. Just hop on over to their digital kitchen catalog and start browsing.

Yet, it still feels odd not to hold that paperback edition in your hand, doesn’t it?