Save BIG on all your CNY essentials at the Qoo10 1.1 Monster Sale

From one New Year celebration to the next! CNY falls on 22 Jan 2023, which will arrive faster than you can plan for it. Unless, of course, you get everything you need at the Qoo10 1.1 Monster Sale (CNY Edition) from 1 Jan to 10 Jan 2023!

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale offers arranged on table

Prep for Chinese New Year 2023 on Qoo10 with the best Daily and Time Sale Deals, exclusively marked down during this festive period! Whether you want to stock up on traditional snacks and steamboat ingredients for upcoming CNY gatherings or a new TV and gaming electronics to entertain your guests, this is the perfect opportunity to grab them at new low prices, exclusively on Qoo10!

Save even more with new year discounts, coupon savings of up to 20% off and earn cashbacks up to S$30 when you check out with DBS, GrabPay or Citibank! You can also enjoy same/next day delivery and participate in their festive giveaways.

Think you are a true Foodie? Don’t forget to grab the Golden E-Tickets which will be released between 1 Jan – 10 Jan 2023 for a chance to purchase your favourite F&B deals from just $0.80!

Participating brands include KOI, IRVINS, Tuk Tuk Cha, Famous Amos, Tip Top, iTEA and Heavenly Wang.

Beat the crowd by scoring these early bird deals on CNY goodies and prepare for your reunion dinner. Here are some of the best deals on offer at the Qoo10 1.1 Monster Sale.

Hock Wong Cai Shen Ye Bakkwa Gift Set

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale Hock Wong Cai Shen Ye Bakkwa Gift Set

What is it?

30 individual vacuum-packed slices of Minced Pork Bakkwa in beautiful packaging as a gift set.

Why we love it:

  •       Slices packed into adorable little mini God of Fortune boxes.
  •       Each mini Cai Shen Ye contains 6 to 8 slices of bak kwa.
  •       No preservatives, meat tenderizer or artificial colouring added.
  •       Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and convenience.

A great snack to satisfy your cravings and playful gift for your family and friends!

Order it here.

Signature Bakkwa Swiss Roll

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale Signature Bakkwa Swiss Roll

What is it?

Pillowy soft sponge cake filled with a generous amount of chunky, smoky bak kwa and freshly whipped cream. Who knew these 2 completely different tastes could coexist so well?

Why we love it:

  •       A uniquely Singaporean twist!
  •       Handmade in Singapore using 100% natural ingredients.
  •       No added preservatives, artificial flavouring & colouring.
  •       No baking powder, baking soda or cream of tartar.

This unique combination of flavours can be kept frozen for up to a month.

Order it at the Qoo10 1.1 Monster Sale here.

Emicakes Prosperity Bundle (Kueh Lapis 600g & Pineapple Tarts 16–24 pcs)

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale Emicakes Prosperity Bundle Kueh Lapis Pineapple Tarts

What is it?

The classic local favourite Pineapple Tart with optional Pandan flavour from Emicakes, one of our favourite local bakers! Pineapple Cheese Tarts, Pillow Open Face and Jumbo versions are also available.

Why we love it:

  •       Lovely fragrance and just enough pandan flavour to give this a unique and yummy twist.
  •       Kueh lapis is very buttery, fragrant and dense.
  •   Each bundle comes in 2 separate tins for tarts and kueh lapis with 1 FREE thermal bag per bundle.

Note, kueh lapis must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 1 week. Tarts may be kept in a cool, dry place for up to 1 month from purchase.

Order them here.

Xi Shi Signature Tender Bak Kwa (Pineapple Bak Kwa & Sliced Pork Bak Kwa) 500g

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale Xi Shi Signature Tender Bak Kwa Pineapple Bak Kwa Sliced Pork Bak Kwa 500g

What is it?

Signature bak kwa vacuum sealed for freshness available in Mushroom Minced Pork, Seaweed Sesame Chicken, Mala, Red Yeast Rice, Goji Berry & Ginseng and Imperial Stout Marinated Bak Kwa flavours.

Why we love it:

  •       100% natural ingredients.
  •       Less sugar; no MSG or preservatives.
  •       13 flavours, from classic traditional favourites to new creative ones
  •       Gojiberry and Ginseng in one bak kwa!

Order it at the Qoo10 1.1 Monster Sale here.

Imperial Abalone in Premium Sauce (6–12 pcs)

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale Imperial Abalone in Premium Sauce

What is it?

Bite-size whole juicy succulent abalone in tasty and flavourful sauces, customised specifically for Singaporean taste buds.

Why we love it:

  •       10 delicious flavours, from the traditional to the modern: Shrimp Roe, White Truffle, Collagen Broth, Lobster Sauce, Black Truffle, Hokkaido Scallop, Oyster Sauce, Brine, Braised Sauce and Ginseng Chicken Soup.

Best served warm!

Order it here.

New Moon Emerald 4s Gift Set – New Zealand Abalone 425g

qoo10 1.1 CNY Monster Sale New Moon Emerald 4s Gift Set New Zealand Abalone

What is it?

Not your typical abalone collection, the Emerald Gift Set consists of Premium Wild Caught New Zealand Abalone, Superior Buddha Jump Over The Wall, Golden Ingot Top Shell in Brine and Braised King Top Shell in Abalone Sauce (Slices).

Why we love it:

  •       Singapore’s No.1 Best Selling Abalone.
  •       Top quality, highly curated range in premium packaging.
  •       Eco-friendly packaging.
  •       Superior taste with umami flavour.
  •       Healthy source of natural protein, vitamins and minerals.

Order the Emerald 4s Gift Set at the Qoo10 1.1 Monster Sale here or have a look at the full New Moon range of gift sets here.

Speed is the name of the game, people. Stocks are limited and usually run out before the peak CNY period. Don’t miss out. Make the best of these and all the other Qoo10 CNY Monster Sale offers while everybody else is still easing into the new year. Check out Qoo10’s CNY Food Mart  here!

* This article is brought to you in partnership with Qoo10.

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