Chinese New Year 2023: Top 10 delectable festive snacks you must try in Singapore

Christmas, New Year and then Chinese New Year, 3 of the biggest celebrations of the year are about to come to a close. Each of them is as much about merriment and socialising as it is about savouring season-specific delicacies. Here are 10 of the best Chinese New Year snacks to give you the best possible close to the season of celebrations. Happy Lunar New Year!

1. Pineapple Tarts Singapore

tarts - flatlay of pineapple tarts
Credit – Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Most Singaporeans already know and love the awesome 100% homemade and handmade pineapple tarts from Pineapple Tarts Singapore.

From their pantry comes a collection of 10 pineapple tart flavours for Chinese New Year 2023, created from award-winning recipes perfected over the previous year. Our clear favourite was the Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts.

tarts - tins of tarts
Credit – Pineapple Tarts Singapore

They are available as Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts (20 pieces) (S$22.90) and Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts (S$25.90). The smaller package comes in a clear jar while you get a beautiful commemorative tin jar with the bigger option.

But that’s just a small part of the CNY goodies that they make! Pineapple tarts Singapore also makes and bakes fresh CNY Cookies, Prawn Rolls, Crab Sticks, Love Letters and Vegan Cookies.

tarts - prawn rolls

Of the 13 Munchies, we adored the Crispy Sia – Hae Bee Hiam Prawn Rolls (350g) (S$15.90) the most. These Nyonya rolls are infused with the spiciness of the sambal and fragrant prawn paste, then fried to a crispy golden-brown texture for that satisfying crunch in every bite.

tarts - basket of goodies

My love for love letters was rekindled by the Love Me Like You Do – Love Letters 白芝麻蛋扁(250g) (S$15.90), one of 8 different varieties they bake. These fragrant crispy rolls are cooked over charcoal for a uniquely satisfying flavour.

There are also 17 different kinds of CNY Cookies, including Xing Fu Mei Man – Almond Brittles 杏仁片脆 (230g) (S$15.90). Chock full of premium almonds, these delicate and delightful treats are almost too good to be true!

Remember to order early— Pineapple Tarts Singapore bakes many products as orders are received but runs out of its fresh high-quality ingredients before the peak CNY season. The more you order, the more there is to enjoy, and there is also the added advantage of free delivery for orders above $100.

22 New Industrial Road, Primax, #03-15, Singapore 536208
+65 8127 0477
Daily: 10am – 7pm
Facebook |  Instagram | Website

2. Wang Lai Bakery

Wang Lai Bakery
Credit – Wang Lai Bakery

Just missing out on the top spot by a small margin this year is Wang Lai. They have been regaling Singaporeans with their amazing homemade, handmade traditional delights for over 50 years. A fourth-generation bakery, their Chinatown stall is one of the most popular destinations for CNY Goodies every Chinese New Year.

Wang Lai’s signature CNY pineapple tarts are the Melt In Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts (≈500g) (S$19.90). They certainly melted our hearts! Each is created with a delicious sweet-tangy paste at its centre and a buttery, flaky crust that holds all that lovely goodness. Just imagine the wonderful texture and flavour as the savoury outside dissolves, releasing a burst of pineapple… divine!

If you are as impatient as I am, try the Melt In Your Mouth Open Face Pineapple Tarts (≈400g) (S$19.90). Instead of waiting for the crust to dissolve, you get the combination of sweet, tangy and savoury all at once with each bite.

Other popular CNY snacks include Premium Prawn Rolls (S$15.90), Melt In Your Mouth Kuih Bangkit (S$15.90) and Premium Salted Egg Crab Sticks (S$17.90).

Wang Lai Bakery
Credit – Wang Lai Bakery

As Wang Lai follows their classic recipe to make each snack, they do not use any preservatives. While that makes these tarts the healthy option, it also means that they are best consumed within 6 weeks. The bakery ensures that every customer gets the freshest CNY snacks possible by preparing every batch only as and when orders are received.

Place your orders early to avoid disappointment and enjoy early bird discounts for a limited period. Better yet, take advantage of free delivery for orders above S$100.

20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-58, Singapore 573968
+65 8818 6227
Daily: 10am – 7pm
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3. Ding Bakery

snacks - pineapple tarts in jar
Credit – Ding Bakery

110,000. That’s how many jars of pineapple tarts and snacks eager customers snapped up from Ding Bakery this year alone. Anyone who has tasted their products won’t be surprised— Ding Bakery makes some of the most delicious and addictive Chinese New Year goodies our team has ever tasted.

Most Singaporeans will instantly recognise the Ding Bakery name (and taste!) from their Award-Winning Premium Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tart (Ball) (S$20.90).

snacks - tarts on wall
Credit – Ding Bakery

You may also know their traditional open-faced Nyonya Pineapple Tarts (S$16.90), buttery Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Ball (French Butter) (S$20.90) and the uniquely pleasant Award Winning Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Ball (No Filling) (S$16.52).

snacks - variety of flavours of tarts in jars
Credit – Ding Bakery

Never one to rest on their laurels, the creative master bakers at this company are constantly refining their products and redefining what it means to create the perfect pineapple tart. This year, they have released 6 new pineapple tart flavours to add to the merriment:

  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Taro Blueberry Ball (S$18.30)
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pandan Pineapple Ball (S$19.16)
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Charcoal Pineapple Ball (S$19.16)
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Salted Egg Pineapple Ball (S$18.30)
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Matcha Pineapple Ball (S$19.16)
  • Premium Melt-In-Your-Mouth Mango Pineapple Ball (S$19.85)

Every last snack is still handmade using premium ingredients at their original bakery.

You also get the guarantee of freshness from this company. They only bake pineapple tarts during the brief Chinese New Year period every year. Each batch is produced from scratch daily, in a process that begins in the early hours.

snacks - kueh bangkit and love letters
Credit – Ding Bakery

The end result is an irresistible jar containing a huge range of CNY festive treats from the humble pineapple tart, kueh bangkit and love letters to cookies and crab sticks. Free of preservatives, they are much healthier than the mass-produced alternatives you get at your local supermarket.

You can collect the goodies yourself but why not make the most of the festive season by getting free delivery for all orders above S$100? Ding Bakery also offers an Express 1-hour delivery.

140 Paya Lebar Road, AZ @ Paya Lebar, #03-13, Singapore 409015
+65 8890 9055 (WhatsApp)
Daily: 10am – 7pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Baker’s Brew

snacks - plate of tarts
Credit – Baker’s Brew

Baker’s Brew range of CNY snacks is very gift-oriented: each comes in an upscale vintage-style biscuit tin adorned with traditional peranakan motifs and a peekaboo window.

snacks - tins of goodies
Credit – Baker’s Brew

Our pick from their range is the original bestseller every Chinese New Year, Ondeh Ondeh Cookies (330g) (S$28.80). Made from pandan-infused dough for that irresistible aroma and flavour, these soft and rich cookies are bursting with gula melaka and coconut filling.

The aptly-named Pineapple Pillows (Less Sweet) (340g) (S$28.80) are your go-to for a balance of sweet and salty. Genuine Thai pineapple filling gives this tasty treat a wonderfully dense flavour that’s enhanced by the classic butter and cheese pastry.

snacks - tins of snacks
Credit – Baker’s Brew

Take a walk on the wild side with their Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies (325g) (S$28.80). Yes, there is real bak kwa in this imaginative creation, making it an extra-savoury twist on the traditionally sweet pineapple tart. It has an addictive quality— try at your own risk!

You will find another beautifully complementary combo in the Peanut Almond Cookies (200g) (S$28.80). Roasted, nutty flavours are ensconced in layers of buttery pastry to make crumbly sweet-and-salty cookies that melt in your mouth.

Spicy dried shrimp sambal in a cookie? Yes, that’s exactly what Hae Bee Hiam Cookies (255g) (S$28.80) are! Crunch, sweet and spicy all in one, they are a burst of heat and flavour in every bite… and also very addictive.

Save more with Baker’s Brew CNY snacks bundles.

snacks - row of tins of goodies
Credit – Baker’s Brew

The Peranakan Nostalgia Collection (S$138, U.P. S$144) contains all 5 varieties: Ondeh Ondeh Cookies, Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies, Pineapple Pillows, Peanut Almond Cookies and Hae Bee Hiam Cookies.

There are 2 bundles with 3 flavours each. The Signature Collection (S$86) has Ondeh Ondeh Cookies, Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies and Peanut Almond Cookies. Meanwhile, the Heritage Collection (S$86) contains Ondeh Ondeh Cookies, Pineapple Pillows and Hae Bee Hiam Cookies.

Get an exclusive discount of 8% for all online purchases (with a minimum purchase of 3 tins) with the promo code CNYxSETH8.

In-store sales start on 30 Dec 2022 but you can make online pre-orders from 12 Dec 2022.

Get a 10% Super Early Bird discount from 12 Dec to 25 Dec 2022 by using promo code CNY2023SEB when you buy 3 or more tins. There is also a regular 8% Early Bird discount from 26 Dec 2022 to 8 Jan 2023.

Self-collection is available at Baker’s Brew outlets. You can find a full list of locations and opening hours here. Collection and deliveries start on 30 December.

+65 3129 5577
Mon to Fri: 9am to 5.30pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm
Closed on Sun
Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. One Farrer Hotel

snacks - tarts
Credit – One Farrer Hotel

It looks like One Farrer Hotel at Farrer Park has a very snacks-oriented team deciding what to include in their Chinese New Year selection. Besides the expected Prosperity Bundle sets and à la carte menus, they have a dedicated takeaway à la carte of Chinese New Year Cookies.

This CNY cookies collection is available in 4 flavours and each comes as a tub of 21 snacks. You can choose between:

  • Ginger Chilli (S$20++) 
  • Pumpkin Nut Bar (S$24++) 
  • Peanut Cookies (S$20++) 
  • One Farrer’s signature house-made Pineapple Tarts (S$24++) 

Listed in that order, it is definitely a case of saving the best for last, in my humble opinion.

snacks - trays of cny goodies
Credit – One Farrer Hotel

Having a hard time deciding? That’s why One Farrer has created the Takeaway Bundle: Chinese New Year Prosperity Bundle (S$108++). Included in this pack are all the 4 varieties of CNY snacks, as well as wine (Leopard’s Leap Shiraz).

Visit the Lunar New Year Booth at One Farrer Hotel Lobby from 27 Dec 2022 to 26 Jan 2023, 11am to 6pm to browse the Takeaway Lunar New Year Savouries and Goodies selection. You may place your orders at the booth directly. Alternatively, browse the selection at your leisure and place orders online from 27 Dec 2022

Save 25% with the Early Bird discount for orders placed from 27 Dec 2022 to 15 Jan 2023. Note that pick-up is scheduled from 3 Jan 2023 to 29 Jan 2023. Holders of selected credit cards enjoy special perks for their purchases at One Farrer Hotel.

1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562
+65 6363 0101
Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Hong Kong MX

snacks - table of goodies
Credit – Hong Kong MX

It’s hard to believe but the absolutely delicious signature Original Eggrolls from Hong Kong MX are created from scratch using just 5 ingredients: French butter, fresh eggs, quality flour, sugar and water. Combined in just the right proportions and cooked in just the right way according to a secret recipe, these humble ingredients combine to become the most fragrant and flavourful eggrolls.

snacks - love letters on plate
Credit – Hong Kong MX

The Original Eggrolls Gift Box (32 pieces) (S$33.50) comes in HKMX’s classic square tin.

Another treat worth the calories is the Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Set (22 Pieces) (S$32.00). No margarine, shortening or preservatives go into its preparation, that includes a double-baking process at different temperatures with New Zealand butter and puff pastry. The perfectly caramelised exterior and fluffy inside are phenomenal together.

snacks - cute tins
Credit – Hong Kong MX

For an extra-special gift that will have everyone singing your praises for a year, try the Hello Kitty 3-Layers Gift Box (MX Petite Original Almond Mille-feuille) (12pcs) (S$25.00). Crafted as an exquisite stackable set of 3 tins that complete a gorgeous Hello Kitty scene, they are even more desirable when you discover the almond puffs inside. Each set comes with a cartoon-themed gift bag to make the perfect present.

Just as adorable is the My Melody & Kuromi 3-Layers Gift Box (MX Chocolate Cookie) (12pcs) (S$25.00). Its innovative 2-in-1 design features a cute pink-themed Melody layout on one side and a mischievous Kuromi in purple on the other. Inside, you will find a treasure trove of 12 rich chocolate cookies. This wonderful set comes with a collectible cartoon-themed gift bag, too!

Hong Kong MX offers free delivery for purchases over S$150. All orders above S$100 will automatically receive a festive free gift, too.

Click here for locations and availability.

No.24 Tuas Avenue 12, Singapore 639041
+65 6862 2166
Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. Janice Wong

It was always a safe bet that homegrown pastry maestro Janice Wong would make it onto this list. She does so with quite an emphatic bang.

CNY snacks Janice Wong Rabbit Sculpture
Credit – Janice Wong

Her limited-edition Rabbit Chocolate Sculpture (S$42.50) showcases Janice’s characteristic flair for turning the ordinary extraordinary. This symbol of peace, prosperity and longevity is filled with crispy chocolate-coated nuts.

CNY snacks Janice Wong Chocolate Koi
Credit – Janice Wong

Keeping with the gentle animal theme is a trio of 3 praline Chocolate Koi Fish (S$58). Each is painted intricately by hand. Inside, there is a delightful mix of 76% dark chocolate and crunchy praline feuilletine as well as some popping candy for a touch of the mischievous.

Janice puts her spin on traditional seasonal specialities such as Pineapple Balls (S$28.05), Peanut Cookies (S$22.95) and Kueh Bangkit (S$22.10).

CNY snacks Janice Wong CNY Love Letters Hazelnut Dip
Credit – Janice Wong

The odds are that your favourite may be Love Letters & Hazelnut Dip (S$38.25).

Thinking of gifting? Special edition Lunar New Year 2023 festive bundles (from S$119) as well as spirits, wine and champagne are available here.

snacks - janice wong chocos and cookies

We got our hands on the Cookie & Chocolate Happiness Hamper (S$105) which came in show-stopping packaging and contained:

  • CNY Box of 9 Whiskey & Bakkwa Chocolates
  • Peanut Cookies
  • Pineapple Balls

snacks - cookie tin

We also got very excited over their CNY Assorted Cookie Tin (S$55) which features:

  • Pineapple Flower Tart
  • Candied Orange Shortbread Cookies
  • Strawberry Chocolate Coated Almonds
  • Peanut Cookies
  • Chocolate Espresso Cookies
  • Wholemeal Nut Cookies
  • Chocolate Truffle Ball
  • Kueh Bangkit

This one’s perfect for sharing with your loved ones or gifting to your favourite people!

For a full list of locations, opening hours and contact numbers, refer here.
Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Cedele

Cedele‘s range of CNY snacks is a mixture of both the traditional and the inventive. Their treats are baked in fine butter and contain organic, unrefined sugar.

CNY Snacks Cedele Pineapple Pocket Pie Red Velvet Tiramisu Set
Credit – Cedele

Unsurprisingly, the Pineapple Pocket Pie (S$28) is their perennial bestseller for the CNY season. Cedele is perhaps best known for its cakes, and the Red Velvet Tiramisu Set (S$32) shows you why. Meant for sharing (but you don’t have to!), each set of 2 cakes is made of mascarpone, dark Jamaican rum and 70% dark couverture chocolate.

CNY Snacks Cedele Eight Wheel of Fortune Cheesecake
Credit – Cedele

They even have eggless and vegetarian-friendly cakes. Our pick from this range is the eclectic Eight Wheel of Fortune Cheesecake, 6″ Round (S$55). Cedele calls it their “8 varieties of abundance” but we think it’s more like “8 varieties of decadence”.

Want to snack responsibly? Cedele also offers tasty snacks that are eggless as well as completely free of baking powder (which is amazing in itself). Your options are Chocolate Chip Macadamia (S$26) and Lemongrass Pistachio (S$26)Also available are savoury treats such as Curry Chicken Pot Pies Box of 4 Pieces (S$20) and Miso Grilled Vegetables Pot Pies Box of 4 Pieces (S$20).

For a full list of locations, opening hours and contact numbers, refer here.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. Bee Cheng Hiang

One of Singapore’s oldest and most recognisable local companies, 89-year-old Bee Cheng Hiang does way more than just the bak kwa it began with.

CNY snacks Bee Cheng Hiang Duo Choco Mini Crunchies
Credit – Bee Cheng Hiang

A delightful mix of sweet and savoury comes in the Duo Choco Mini Crunchies 160g (S$14.80). I would have never thought so but the sweetness and subtle bitter undertones of chocolate pair well with the savoury taste of the brand’s signature pork floss.

It’s a surprising twist of flavour in the best way possible.

CNY Snacks - Bee Cheng Hiang - Furikake EZ Mini Crunchies 400g Main Image
Credit – Bee Cheng Hiang

The ‘Furikake‘ name caught my eye because it resembles the very hectic-sounding ‘fury cake’. Much more well-behaved in real life, Furikake EZ Mini Crunchies (S$15.00 for 112g, S$54.00 for 400g) are nonetheless a tornado of activity on your tongue.

Eating one is a serenade to all five taste senses, including umami from savoury bonito flakes and crispy pork floss, all baked to perfection. If the unique pairing of furikake and crispy pork floss appeals to you, this is perfect.

Order online and get free delivery if you buy S$50 or more of CNY snacks.

For a full list of locations, opening hours and contact numbers, refer here.

Facebook| Instagram | Website

10. Little Nonya’s Cookies

As the name suggests, Little Nonya’s Cookies specialises in the delightfully unique flavours characteristic of Peranakan cuisine. Every product is based on family recipes handed down through generations.

CNY snacks Little Nonyas Cookies - Happy Kueh Bangkit
Credit – Little Nonya’s Cookies

Is it even CNY if you don’t eat kueh bangkit? Little Nonya’s Cookies bakes a special batch of their signature CNY snack, the Happy Kueh Bangkit (320g±) (S$21) every year. Completely handmade and specially baked the traditional way using charcoal, these cookies let you get a taste of the flavours as they were originally meant to be.

CNY snacks - Little Nonya's Cookies - Newtella Nutty Tarts
Credit – Little Nonya’s Cookies

Just hearing the Nutella name gives me thrills and these Newtella Nutty Tarts (380g±, 34-35 Pieces) (S$18) do that name justice. Based on the classic pineapple tart but getting their burst of flavour from a generous dose of Nutella instead, they will be a hit with young and old alike.

Never has there been a more appropriate self-description than Blissful Almond Crisps (380g±) (S$21). Savour the rich flavour of fine almond in a light and fragrant snack with a bit of crunch. These crisps are not as common as many of the other cakes, which means that they will be in high demand!

190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #04-10, Singapore 188979
+65 8388 0068
Mon to Sat: 10.30am – 6pm
Closed on Sun

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