IKEA SG launches new mala chicken wings & chicken legs from now until February

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

Written by Vera Leng

The onslaught of mala dishes has come and gone…and come again. In the land of all things fiery and flavourful, Singapore has long seen spicy food trends, but it seems as though mala is here to stick around for quite a while more. IKEA, too, has joined the slew with two new items on the menu—6pcs Mala Chicken Wings (S$9.50) and Mala Chicken Leg With Spaghetti (S$9).

New mala menu items

Ikea Mala Chicken Leg 1

Credit – IKEA Singapore

Much like IKEA’s previous menu item—Braised Beef Shank, the Mala Chicken Leg also comes with a side of spaghetti and boiled broccoli, making for a wholesome, colourful plate. Because, as long as there are greens on the plate, who cares what else you’re eating. The Mala Chicken Leg With Spaghetti is available from now until 7 February 2021.

Ikea Mala Chicken Wing

Credit – IKEA Singapore

A twist on the familiar must-have at IKEA’s dining hall, the 6pcs Mala Chicken Wings is a breath of fresh air to spice-lovers all over the island. Marinated with spices like peppercorns, chilli flakes, and star anise, expect a fragrant burst of flavours when you bite into each juicy chicken wing—but not without preparing a generous glass of water first, just in case. The 6pcs Mala Chicken Wings are available from now until 28 February 2021.

BBQ pork ribs with fries

Ikea Bbq Pork Ribs

Credit – IKEA Singapore

Apart from the aforementioned spice-laden menu items, there’s one more addition to IKEA’s new dishes. The BBQ Pork Ribs With Fries (S$12) is a classic on any menu, and one that’s hard to go wrong with. It’s available from now until 28 February 2021.

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