Impossible Food reduces price by 30%. Is it enough to affect change?

Flatlay of Violet Oon's Plant-based meal
Credit – Violet Oon Singapore Satay Bar & Grill

Is there anything more 2021 than plant-based meat? With the burgeoning number of plant-based menus, the continued proliferation of alternative proteins (I mean have you seen this OnlyEg?), the future is looking plant-based indeed. Well, if you know anything about the alternative protein scene, you’ll know about the one that started it all Impossible Foods.

One of the pioneers and now one of the plant-based markets’ kingpins, Impossible Foods has become a household name. While all of us are all for the idea of alternative meats, I have to admit the price tag has been a little hard to get around. I know, research and the latest in food tech does not come cheap. Since we have left that mess of 2020 behind us, here is some good news to 2021.

Impossible Foods is cutting suggested retail prices by 20% for grocery stores throughout the United States. Like all things from America, everything trickles right down to us, which is why Impossible Foods is introducing similar price cuts internationally at retail stores in Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. That means Singaporean retailers benefiting from discounts of making choices that are better for the environment and, in turn,  will be a little easier on your wallet.

Impossible Foods’ President Dennis Woodside asserts, “Impossible products are becoming increasingly affordable, and this, in turn, is accelerating our rapid retail growth. It’s a virtuous cycle for our customers, consumers and the planet.”

picture of Impossible meat

Indeed, we do need that virtuous cycle if we want to preserve and protect what’s left of our planet. Like any true blue Singaporean, I do relish a well-placed discount. Moreover, the optimist (more idealist, really) would like to think this might be the little nudge for more of us to venture into the world of plant-based meats. While there is no official word about how much cheaper Impossible Meat will be, if you haven’t already you can Impossible Beef from selected FairPrice outlets.