Savour IRVINS’ new Salted Egg Prawn Roll and other CNY goodies

Irvins Salted Egg Picture of founders
Credit – IRVINS Salted Egg

The indomitable IRVINS has now become a household name and dare I say a gold standard on anything Salted Egg. Their humble beginnings are unconventional, to say the least. All it took was a marrying the already tasty idea of salted egg with potato chips and a thriving enterprise was born.

Picture of IRVINS' Fish Head Curry Fish Skin
Credit – IRVINS Salted Egg

IRVINS is no one-trick pony, they’ve since branched into other flavours worthy of our ever capricious Singaporean tastebuds. Their Origins line with flavours such as Fish Head Curry Fish Skin (S$8.50) or Curry Chicken Potato Chips (S$7.50) has clearly won us.

Picture of IRVINS Salted Prawn Roll
Credit – IRVINS Salted Egg

You would think that Salted Egg is a rather tired trend, but I have to admit that I still find myself at a bottom a bag of Salted Egg Potato Chip when I have the chance. So, I had no qualms when IRVINS released their Salted Egg Prawn Roll (S$12), I all for it. I mean, who can forget the countless sore throats from scarfing down prawn rolls with wild abandon.

Picture of IRVINS Salted Egg Prawn Roll poured into a bowl

This one is coated thickly and liberally with the golden dust of salted egg, so each little roll is decadent indeed. Crispy to a fault and full of hae bee hiam (spicy shrimp), this lived up to that #DangerouslyAddictive hashtag. Though I would have liked the hae bee hiam to have a more pronounced spicy kick, I was still snacking on them all the same.

These goodies are now available across all 12 IRVINS outlets and online, so you know what to get for your snack table this Chinese New Year.

Dates & Times: Available now across 12 IRVINS outlets and online.

Price: S$12 for Salted Egg Prawn Roll