60% off overflowing ikura rice bowls from Itacho Sushi available for limited time only

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If you have read our articles on Teppei Syokudo and Omoté, you will know how much we—the team at SethLui.com—love our Japanese rice bowls filled with overflowing amounts of ikura. Like us, if you are a fan of these beautiful mini orange balls, Itacho Sushi is here to tantalise your tastebuds.

For a limited time, the chain sushi restaurant will be offering 60% off two of their mini rice bowls—the Spicy Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice as well as the Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice.

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Originally priced at S$24.50, the Spicy Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice (S$9.80) from Itacho Sushi features a bed of fluffy Japanese short-grain rice topped with cooked spicy salmon chunks surrounded by a sea of bright orange ikura

For those who prefer your salmon raw, opt for the Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice (S$11.50). Here, the cooked salmon is replaced by raw salmon cubes—a perfect choice for those who enjoy the freshness of your seafood typically found in chirashi dons

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To celebrate the coming autumn months, Itacho Sushi is also offering up to 50% off their Autumn Edition menu items

Feast on popular items such as the Roasted Salmon With Tenkasu Roll (S$9.80) and Clam With Butter & Black Pepper (S$6). Otherwise, there is also the Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi (S$9.90) for those who seek for a change from your regular seafood sushi.

Both promotions are available at all Itacho Sushi Outlets islandwide for a limited time only. If sushi and ikura rice bowls are your vices, take this opportunity to indulge in them before these deals end!

Date & Time: Available at all Itacho Sushi outlets for a limited period only 

Price: S$9.80 for Spicy Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice, S$11.50 for Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice