Jamie’s Italian: Try The Celebrity Chef’s Pizza With Shaved Black Truffle & Other New Dishes At Wallet-Friendly Prices

Founded in 2008 by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his mentor, chef Gennaro Contaldo, Jamie’s Italian has since grown to over 60 restaurants all around the world.

If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver’s rustic Italian food, this restaurant is available at both VivoCity and Forum The Shopping Mall.

The restaurant at VivoCity harboured a welcoming and cosy ambience, along with an open kitchen too.

It also has a counter that sells Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks, a well-stocked bar, and its wall was decorated with photographs of the chef and his team. Talk about a one-stop shop for anything related to Jamie Oliver.

We were invited to try the revamped menu, which included a lot of truffle-centric dishes.

For antipasti a.k.a starters, we tried a selection of crostini in small tasting portions. The Salumi Crostini ($15) came with whipped buffalo ricotta and aged balsamic, which neutralised the salinity of the crispy salumi (Italian bacon).

I enjoyed the sweetness of the balsamic roasted cherry tomato on the Tomato Crostini ($15), which tasted a lot like a Caprese salad along with the artisanal ricotta and refreshing basil leave.

Crab & Avocado Crostini ($15) was quite delightful as well, thanks to the aromatic fennel and zesty yoghurt that uplifted the taste.

Caesar Salad ($26.50) consisted of the classics such as chargrilled chicken, crispy romaine lettuce, red chicory, onions, parmesan, and of course, the ciabatta croutons.

What I liked about Jamie Italian’s twist would be the addition of toasted hazelnuts and chervil, which combined well with the classic Caesar salad. The leaves were also well-coated with an exceptionally tangy and delicious home-made dressing.

Crispy Mushroom Fritti ($11) was made of panko-coated Portobello and Button Mushrooms, topped with parmesan and paprika. These sinful little bites act as perfect beer grubs but I wasn’t sure what to do with the tied-up sprigs of fried thyme.
A squeeze of lemon juice is optional, however, I would definitely recommend you to dip them in the creamy Garlic Mayo for extra flavour.

If you have room for sides, try the buttery and smooth Truffle Mashed Potato ($7.50), made from Russet potatoes and shaved black truffle.

The crusty Truffle Flatbread ($10) was sprinkled with parmesan, but there wasn’t a lot of truffle taste present for this one.

What’s Italian food without pizza? We tried a white sauce based Truffle Shuffle ($26.50), made with a Truffle bechamel sauce, topped with fontal cheese, balsamic onions, gooey free-range egg and shaved black truffle.

This meatless pizza was quite decent overall but I would prefer that the onions were excluded because the sweetness overpowered the taste of truffle.

Truffle Ravioli ($26.50) came with freshly minced black winter truffle and crispy sage, which added a minty aroma to lighten the creamy dish.

The filling to pasta ratio for the ravioli was quite decent and definitely not stingy. Made with a vegetable stock, this dish is meat-free and perfect for vegetarians.

Penne Arrabbiata ($16.50 for small, $24.50 for large) came in a fiery tomato and garlic sauce, and it was quite spicy thanks to the Bird’s Eye chillies.

The penne was al dente and well coated with the sauce. Served with a spoonful of pangrattato (bread crumbs), mix them into the pasta for an interesting texture.

Lastly, we had the 280g Rib Eye Steak ($46.00) from New Zealand. It came laying on a bed of greens with grilled Portobello Mushrooms, lemony gremolata and a side of chips that came with raw slices of garlic.

The taste was smoky, and that’s about it. I felt like the seasoning could be improved and for its medium-rare doneness, the white piece of fat wasn’t rendered properly and it resulted in an overly chewy bite.

For a celebrity restaurant, I have to say that the Ribeye I had did not do any justice to Jamie Oliver’s name. However, the other dishes were pretty delicious for their respective prices, and I enjoyed the crostini and pasta dishes.

Expected Damage:  $25 – $35++ per pax


Jamie’s Italian: (VivoCity) 1 HarbourFront Walk #01-165/167, Singapore 098585, (Forum The Shopping Mall) | 583 Orchard Road #01-01/04 Forum, Singapore 238884| Opening Hours: Various Timings | Tel: (VivoCity) 6733 5500, (Forum The Shopping Mall) 6655 7676 | Website