umisushi: Usher In The Year Of The Rat With Zodiac-Themed Yu Sheng + Plentiful CNY Platters From S$130

Chinese New Year has always been a rowdy affair in my family. Four generations are packed together in one living room, conversations are flying across the table, and of course, everybody indulges in rounds and rounds of endless feasting.

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate the Year of the Rat than with umisushi‘s festive bundles, which include a zodiac-themed yu shengsushi and appetiser platter, and more.

That’s right—umisushi has a unique yu sheng that’s shaped like an adorable rat. The kids would absolutely love it!

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umisushi is a quick-service Japanese dining concept that has gone beyond a grab-and-go sushi store.

Now, its expanded menu includes ramentoji (homemade egg omelette on a hot plate), healthy soba, and more.

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For Chinese New Year, umisushi offers four different types of festive bundles. Its prices start from S$130.88 and include CNY must-haves such as one yu sheng, a sushi platter, and an appetiser platter.

Its yu sheng come in three different types and sizes, which are great for all types of reunion dinners—be it family dinners, gatherings with friends, or even company lunches.

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You can start pre-ordering from 30 December 2019 onwards, while self-collection/delivery starts from 6 January 2020.

More significantly, umisushi delivers throughout the entire Chinese New Year period itself (from 24 – 26 January 2020), which includes Chinese New Year Eve.

Do note that festive prices apply from 23 to 26 January 2020, so be sure to place your orders early.

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To kick-start the auspicious festivities, umisushi’s Treasure bundles include a zodiac-themed yu sheng, a sushi platter, and a choice between Norwegian salmon slices and an appetiser platter.

The Golden Treasures, which includes 18 pieces of fresh Norwegian salmon slices, is priced at S$180.88 (festive price S$190.88) while the Abundance Treasures, which features the Five Treasures Platter, is S$220.88 (festive price S$238.88).

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The highlight of both Treasure bundles has got to be the zodiac-themed yu sheng, which has been specially designed and crafted by umisushi in honour of the Year of the Rat.

The umi Huat Huat Yu Sheng (S$98.88) is a huge yu sheng that’s shaped like an adorable rat, complete with whiskers, round ears, and a little button nose. The attention to detail is fantastic—look at its cute little paws, which hold the pepper and cinnamon powder packets!

It’s a definite show-stopper and crowd-pleaser, and is bound to be a huge hit with the kids.

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For those who prefer classic yu sheng, go for umisushi’s Happiness bundles, which includes umisushi’s signature umi Reunion Yu Sheng, a sushi platter, and a choice between Norwegian salmon slices or an appetiser platter.

The Golden Happiness comes with 18 pieces of fresh Norwegian salmon slices and is priced at S$130.88 (festive price S$150.88) while the Abundance Happiness includes the Five Treasures Platter and costs S$170.88 (festive price S$190.88).

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The umi Reunion Yu Sheng is a timeless classic which features a mountain of freshly shredded green and white radish, and carrots that is topped with fresh Norwegian salmon slices.

I loved the colourful display of fresh and healthy ingredients, which was really eye-catching and almost too pretty to eat.

It comes in three à la carte sizes—regular, medium and large—with prices starting from S$32.80 and festive prices starting from S$35.80.

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The Five Treasures Platter (à la carte S$68.88, festive price S$78.88) is also one of the noteworthy items in the Abundance Treasures and Abundance Happiness CNY bundles.

The platter features five different appetisers, like tamago topped with ebikko mayo, buta kyuri (Japanese cucumber wrapped with succulent pork slices and dipped in homemade sauce), fresh prawns, chuka kurage, and chuka idako.

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Out of the five appetisers in the platter, my personal favourite was the buta kyuri, which is Japanese cucumber wrapped with succulent pork slices and dipped in homemade sauce.

The pork belly had been topped with a spicy and piquant sauce, which had a fiery kick and instantly numbed my tongue. Yet, the cucumber slices were crisp and cool, and acted as a fantastic contrast against the spicy sauce.

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umisushi’s third type of festive yu sheng is shaped in a huge 吉, which is the Mandarin word for ‘lucky’.

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Available on the à la carte menu, the auspicious umi Da Ji Yu Sheng (S$88.88) is great for people who aren’t looking for festive bundles and just want to purchase a single yu sheng for their reunion dinners or parties.

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It even comes with a plate of Norwegian salmon slices, perfect for tossing while shouting the auspicious phrase: “年年有鱼/余!” (May you have money every year)

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All of umisushi’s yu sheng come packed in a nicely designed box with a large “年年有鱼” phrase printed on the top, which is no doubt a playful nod to umisushi’s fresh sashimi and sushi offerings.

Its elegant packaging makes it great as presents, especially if you’re considering gifting a yu sheng platter to a loved one.

umisushi Chinese New Year Online
Credit – umisushi

Oh, and it comes with a step-by-step guide to help you lo hei like a pro this Lunar New Year!

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All four festive bundles come with Happy Reunion Sushi Platter (à la carte S$68.88, festive price S$78.88), which includes 48 pieces of freshly made sushi. 

From nigiri topped with Norwegian salmon, prawns, and octopus, to maki rolls, and even California maki topped with premium lobster meat, there’s definitely something for everyone in this platter.

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I loved the mini California maki which had been topped with fresh lobster meat. Creamy, luscious, and rich, the lobster meat was springy and sweet, and went really well with the ikura toppings.

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Just like its yu sheng, the sushi platter also comes in a gorgeously designed box where you can even see the different types of sushi available.

Be it adorable zodiac-themed, auspicious-themed, or classic yu sheng, umisushi’s got you and your family covered this Chinese New Year. Not only that, all its festive bundles come with a 48-piece sushi platter and an appetiser (Five Treasures Platter or 18 pieces of Norwegian salmon slices), which makes it really value-for-money.

Order umisushi’s Chinese New Year bundles or à la carte items at any of the 18 umisushi stores island-wide, or via its call center at +65 6265 5545.

Time to indulge in some festive eating with your loved ones and friends. Huat ah!

Expected Damage: S$32.80 – S$238.88

*This post is brought to you in partnership with umisushi.