Let your best SG food snaps shine with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt HitRECord project

If you’ve always wanted to be part of a multimedia, cross-border, and cuisine-centric art project, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt needs you for his new HitRECord venture.

Are you often struck by how remix-culture is getting so prevalent in our lives? With our heightened senses for cultural and geographical news, the art we produce and consume is becoming heavily interlinked (think Bollywood remixes of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’). Food, being so connected to culture and location, indelibly becomes a part of the art scene.

If you have a photo of some of your favourite local Singapore fare (as I’m sure many of you do), add it to the project via this link. What a great way to contribute to art!

Gordon Levitt Online 1

HitRECord is an online collaborative media platform founded and run by Gordon-Levitt since 2004. Here, audiences become the artists as they share their creative work to collectively produce exciting and fresh art remixes. Because of its online nature, HitRecord’s art is not bound by geographical distance.

In fact, they offer a great avenue for people to share their voices and experiences through artistic expression. For example, they stayed relevant with Pride Month 2020 by sharing stories and artwork created by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Gordon Levitt Online 2

In the past eight hours since his post addressing Singapore, Gordon-Levitt has also asked for fans across Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines to share their photographs and talents with different themes in mind.

Singapore has specifically been asked for food photographs, an area in which I think we have a lot to offer. It’s so exciting to see what might come out of this. So, dig out the char kway teowchilli crabchicken ricesatay, and kueh memento you have in your photos and share them now!

Keep up with Gordon-Levitt’s Facebook for updates if you’re interested to participate further. You can also check out HitRECord’s page to know more about their news and projects.

Date & Time: On-going | Add your Singapore food photos to the project via this link

Price: N.A.