Katong Laksa (George’s): By George! That’s some solid Katong laksa in Katong

I couldn’t help but wonder just how good the Katong laksa at Katong Laksa (George’s) could be. Maybe it’s because it was located in Katong, or the fact that the store was named after the dish itself. Perhaps it was just a combination of it all.

Katong Laksa (George's) - Storefront

Standing on its own with a white sunshade with faded reddish-pink words dominating its storefront, Katong Laksa (George’s) has a unique look. Though the banner was its main identifier from the road, their signboard inside actually read “Eunos (MRT) Bak Koot Teh”.

Katong Laksa (George's) - Inner storefront

Katong Laksa (George’s) does, however, only sell laksa, so don’t come here looking to get your BKT fix. Instead, prepare yourself to inhale some super shiok Katong laksa.

What I tried at Katong Laksa (George’s)

Katong Laksa Georges - Laksa, Small Portion

The Katong Laksa (George’s) menu is as straightforward and as simple as it gets. A small bowl is S$5, medium is S$6 and, if you’re really hungry, S$7 for a large bowl.

It was bright and early on a Saturday morning, so I opted for the S$5 portion to satisfy my half-awake stomach. Despite being the smallest portion, its large size was quite the surprise.

Complete with a bright red dollop of sambal, the smell of the rich coconut broth of the Katong laksa made my mouth water. Before long, I had already wolfed down half the bowl — long forgotten was the person without a morning appetite.

Katong Laksa (George's) - Noodle Lift

The thick white vermicelli were smooth and chewy with a nice consistency. Typical of Katong laksa, the noodles were cut into pieces, making it easy to enjoy your meal without struggling with chopsticks.

But for the gram, here’s a shot of their Katong laksa on chopsticks featuring the liao in its full glory. Choke-full of halved prawns, hum, thinly sliced fish cake and taugeh, the Katong laksa at Katong Laksa (George’s) is incredibly generous when it comes to ingredients.

Though I do wish there were more fish cakes and taugeh to enhance the textural experience and buff up the body of the Katong laksa, it was still pretty satisfying.

Katong Laksa (George's) - Close Up

The added sambal was very aromatic and the spice level was on the milder side. Even after mixing all the chilli in, the gravy remained perfectly balanced. There was also a slight sour tang to the sambal, making it very refreshing when mixed with the laksa.

Though I do wish it were a bit spicier, I think this level of spice probably suits most people’s palettes, and my stomach thanked me later, too.

The hum was on the smaller side and I found its taste fit perfectly with the Katong laksa. Neither too metallic nor strong, I quite liked how it blended with the dish.

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Katong Laksa (George's) - Spoonful

For a S$5 portion, there were quite a number of prawns. Though small, they had a natural sweetness to them and were not in the least bit powdery. There were enough prawns that I got to enjoy one with every other bite.

Katong Laksa Georges Soup

The gravy of the Katong laksa stole the show for me.

It was extremely gao with lots of hae bee, giving it a rich umami flavour in addition to the already creamy, full-bodied thickness of the laksa. Not in the least bit jelak, the gravy coated the noodles very well.

Katong Laksa (George's) - Large Portion

Contrary to my initial belief that I lacked a morning appetite, I monopolised some of my dining companion’s S$7 bowl, too. Let’s pretend that it’s because I had travelled all the way to the East, and not because I just wanted more of that lemak laksa gravy.

For the additional S$2, the large portion amps up the prawns, hum and noodles to the max. I’d say it’s definitely worth it if you’re hungry, or if you’re making a special trip down to Katong Laksa (George’s).

Final Thoughts

Katong Laksa Georges - Overall Shot

I truly enjoyed the Katong laksa at Katong Laksa (George’s); my what a mouthful. Indeed, naming their store after the very dish was not a miss after all, and I can see why they have such loyal customers. Their rich, aromatic and perfectly-balanced lemak gravy is worth a try at least once for all laksa lovers.

On a day I especially crave Katong laksa, I might just make that special trip across the country to get my fill of their delicious signature dish. Though not mind-blowingly good, they sure know how to make you hungry.

Expected damage: S$5 – S$7 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Katong Laksa (George's)

307 Changi Rd , Singapore 419785

Our Rating 4/5

Katong Laksa (George's)

307 Changi Rd , Singapore 419785

Telephone: +65 90237 360
Operating Hours: 8am - 3pm (Daily), Closed on alternate Tue
Telephone: +65 90237 360

Operating Hours: 8am - 3pm (Daily), Closed on alternate Tue