KFC’s Cheesy Zinger Meltz returns on 25 Oct

As if caught up in the Halloween spirit, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has revived one of its popular menu items – the Cheesy Zinger Meltz. It’s set to return on 25 Oct for a limited time.

KFC Cheesy Zinger Meltz KV 1
Credit – KFC

True to its name, the Meltz’s toasted tortilla is loaded with cheesetastic goodness: melted mozzarella, cheddar & their special cheese sauce. It all pairs well with KFC’s signature Hot & Crispy Zinger, nacho chips for added crunch & some diced tomatoes too. You know, just so we can tell our mom we had veggies today while digging into all that cheese. 

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It was so popular that last year, the Cheesy Zinger Meltz sold out in just 16 days. With that in mind, KFC’s Singapore team increased their ingredients to meet the potential demands. They had the idea to ask ChatGPT for a prediction to see if the AI believed it was enough. Shockingly, the chatbot told them the Melt would sell out in 19 days! If you were one of the many who had set up petitions for the Melt’s return, it is go time. 

KFC Cajun Wedges
Credit – KFC

Accompanying the iconic Cheesy Zinger Meltz on its comeback is a new menu item: Cajun Wedges. If lightly sprinkled cajun flavours are not entirely to your taste, you can pick to have them with cheese instead. 

One could say this is all too cheesy, but let’s be real. It’s never enough! Best not to miss it & grab a melt while we can.

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