McDonald’s samurai burgers & seaweed shaker return with new white peach yoghurt pie from 21 Sep

The samurai of Japan were known for upholding the Bushido code, both monumental and historic legacies that remain to this day. No better way to honour that past than dropping by your nearest McDonald’s and wolfing down their Samurai Burgers, which have made their return this year as of 21 Sep.

McDonald's Samurai Burgers return - New limited time menu

With how fleeting both the Samurai Beef Burger and Samurai Chicken Burger‘s time on the menu is, it’s worth it to skip the single patty (S$7) for the much more illustrious double patty (S$9), a la carte. Either choice comes with the patties dipped in McDonald’s unique teriyaki sauce for a savoury experience.

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McDonald's Samurai Burgers return - Samurai Chicken and Beef burgers

Odds are, though, that you’ll want their Extra Value Meal (S$9 for single, S$11 for double) instead to upsize for the shogun of shaker fries, the Seaweed McShaker. The set comes with a choice of drink to keep you going.

McDonald's Samurai Burgers return - Peach Yoghurt pie and Seaweed shaker

Making its debut alongside the duo of samurai burgers is the White Peach Yoghurt Pie (S$1.80), encasing delectable peach bites and creamy yoghurt custard in their signature pastry crust.

To further immerse you in the lore of the Samurai burgers, McDonald’s is also releasing a short manga of 5 chapters, updated on a weekly basis. The first chapter is out now on their official Instagram story.

Once again, we have to ask why these haven’t been made permanent (including the rest of their limited-time inventory). Pretty much no other fast food restaurant’s limited-time menu holds as much sway as McDonald’s. Maybe it’s time we stage a rebellion.

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