McDonald’s surprises us with limited-time Black Pepper Filet-O-Fish from 31 Aug

McDonald‘s continues their release of seasonal, limited-time bangers, further confounding loyal customers (How is it that the McGriddles is still not a permanent item on their menu?). This time, they’re going to reel you in with the all-new limited-time-only Black Pepper Filet-O-Fish burger, available at all outlets from 31 Aug.

Filet o Fish
Credit – McDonald’s

Now you can savour their 100% wild Alaskan Pollock patties in either form – the mundane Black Pepper Cheese Filet-O-Fish (from S$4.15 a la carte) or the dashing Black Pepper Cheese Double Filet-O-Fish (from S$6.55 a la carte). With tartar sauce swapped out for Black Pepper Cheese Sauce, they’ll throw you for a loop with familiar textures flanked by diabolically smoky, aromatic undertones and creamy cheese sauce. The new burger will be available after breakfast hours from 11am on weekdays, and after 12pm on weekends.

Black Pepper Filet O Fish - girl holding burger

You’ll even be able to win free Black Pepper Filet-O-Fish burgers by reeling in a virtual burger at designated advertising panels across the island from 31 Aug to 4 Sep 2023. Snap a photo of it and post it to on public Instagram profile, tagging @mcdsg. For the full list of panel locations, you can visit their website.

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Black Pepper Filet-O-Fish - Adshel

We certainly didn’t ask for this, but McDonald’s is well-known for springing absolute nirvana-inducing, life-changing menu items, only to rip them from our greasy grasps.

Our Office Chef Aaron has lamented the yearly re-appearance of the Prosperity Burger, for as much as it brings him utter joy to relish in its thick patties water-boarded with unhealthy amounts of black pepper sauce, every reunion is inevitably short-lived.

Each limited-time release always warrants at least one purchase, just in case it never makes a return. As a frenetic Filet-O-Fish fan, it’s safe to say they’ve already got me hook, line and sinker.

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