First dibs: More is more with the new KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down

Kfc Triple Cheesy Triple Down meal bundle

You know, I thought life couldn’t get any better with the KFC’s Cheesy Zinger Double Down. Two luscious and tender Zinger fillets with some cheese on top? Ugh, yes. Obviously, we didn’t think big enough because KFC has done us a solid with this thing of beauty which is the KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down.

Kfc Triple Cheesy Triple Down banner
Credit – KFC Singapore

A thing of beauty, you say, with that, I readily concur. Like all good things, its beauty is in its ephemerality. The KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down is a 10-day special, that’s only available from now till 3 July 2021. After that, all you can do is dream about this creation. Otherwise, you can buy two Double Downs and build it yourself. So, here it is. The KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down starts from S$9.30 a la carte and from S$11.2o for meal bundles.

Kfc Triple Cheesy Triple Down meal bundle

You know as the publication’s dedicated KFC correspondent, I have to get it and savour this creation in all its glory. Yes, it is as amazing as you think it is. A towering bundle that I can barely wrap my hands around, this is three of those crispy Zinger fillets with one layer covered in KFC’s signature cheese sauce, crispy turkey bacon, mayonnaise, and a slice of cheese for good measure.

Close-up of Kfc Triple Cheesy Triple Down 1

She’s thiccc and exactly what your KFC triple down to be. What can I say, except this is everything you’ll ever want and dream of? Zinger fillets are already crispy, tender with a good kick. Then, you have a luscious spread of mayonnaise and cheese. The exercise and society mandated notions of health can take a seat while you savour this. The only thing you’ll think about is just how your life has led up to this moment.

Right, to make things even more interesting, KFC has posed a challenge for those brave enough to conquer the KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down. All you have to do is upload a picture of you taking the biggest bite you can from now till 1 July 2021 via Facebook and Instagram stories.

The first 100 participants to share their biggest bites by tagging KFC Singapore’s official Facebook and Instagram will be rewarded a S$5 e-voucher. If you say you love KFC as much as you do, then you know what to do.

As a note, the KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down is only available at selected outlets and you can find out more information here. Also, meal bundles and pricing differ at selected KFC restaurants and KFC Delivery.

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