KFC’s New Mac N Cheese Zinger Burger With Deep-Fried Stuffed Breaded Buns Now Available

Fried chicken, mac n cheese — these are categorized as one of the food options that people usually only have as their “cheat” meal. Whilst sinful, they are downright undeniably delicious. Just after Chinese New Year, KFC has released their all-new Mac N Cheese Zinger Burger (S$7.50) just in time for you to indulge during Valentine’s Day.

KFC has cleverly replaced their usual fluffy sesame buns for deep-fried Mac N Cheese patties. As this idea is developed by KFC Singapore, I’m so honoured to know we are the first to be able to taste test this wonderful creation!

Kfc Mac N Cheese Zinger 1

Made with KFC’s signature cheese sauce, yes the same cheese as their Cheese Fries, I was desperate to get my hands on them as soon as it was launched.

Kfc Mac N Cheese Zinger 2

Goodbye, ordinary buns and hello deep-fried mac and cheese stuffed breaded buns. The new burger also comes with Turkey Bacon for good measure. Slathered in cheese, this is the one indulgent burger!

Kfc Mac N Cheese Zinger 3

Bitting into it proved to be a hot mess, but one I was willing to take. The deep-fried mac and cheese stuffed breaded buns were crisp on the outside which I appreciated.

The mac and cheese flavour was subtle, but it was enough to shine through and not be too surfeiting. It complemented the Zinger patty well, and the cheese sauce helped to tie the burger together. I felt the Turkey Bacon was a little extra, as it didn’t do much for the burger. If anything, it only added a slight confusion to my taste buds with too much going on.

If the burger itself isn’t enough to fill you up, you can easily make it a meal (S$8.95) that comes with regular whipped potato and a drink. For an even more indulgent treat, get the KFC Mac N Cheese Zinger Box (S$10.95) that comes with an additional serving of regular fries and a drumstick.

Wow. KFC has impressed me with recent seasonal creations of the Goldspice Chicken and Parmesan Truffle Chicken. And now the Mac N Cheese Zinger Burger! I must say they have been on a roll. Despite the calorie bomb, I would say it’s totally worth it. After all, Valentine’s Day is only once a year so treat yourself (and your loved ones too).

Dates & Times: Now Available At All KFC Outlets, except Singapore Zoo and Kidzania

Prices: S$7.50 – S$10.95 per pax