KFC’s New Shoyu Sansho Chicken & Vanilla Custard Puffs Will Leave You Feeling Super Oishiok!

Last Updated: March 24, 2017

Written by Marissa Mir

Which Singaporean doesn’t love Japan? It’s Sakura season now, and I’m sat in the office wondering why I’m not amongst the pink blossoms in Kyoto, eating my way through the awesomeness that is Japanese cuisine.

There is probably only one thing that can comfort my wanderlust sorrows and that’s… fried chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

kfc shoyu sansho singapore

KFC is marrying the best of both worlds with its new Shoyu Sansho Chicken, which is super Oishiok! Now you can satisfy your cravings for Japanese flavours, without having to hop on a plane.


You can get the Shoyu Sansho Chicken in a meal for only $7.90, which comes with two HUGE pieces of Shoyu Sansho Chicken, one regular Whipped Potato, one regular Coleslaw and one regular SJORA® Mango Peach drink.

Why settle for that though when you can go all out and get the special Shoyu Sansho Box ($9.50)? Indulge in two pieces of Shoyu Sansho Chicken, two Cheese Poppers, two pieces of Crispy Tenders, one regular Whipped Potato and one regular SJORA® Mango Peach drink.

I obviously went for the latter.

kfc shoyu sansho singapore

The Shoyu Sansho Chicken was fresh and juicy and had been marinated in a savoury shoyu (soy sauce) marinade. It was then coated with crispy rice crackers and sansho pepper seaweed sprinkle, thus giving it its name.

The result was one of the crunchiest pieces of fried chicken that I’ve ever had at KFC. The crispy rice crackers just give it that something extra and the strong Japanese flavours meant that I didn’t even have to dip it into any sauce.

Sansho pepper is similar to Sichuan peppercorns, but with a more citrusy note which added yet another layer of flavour to this already delectable drumstick. A must-try!


There’s no such thing as too much fried chicken (in my life anyway) so I was happily digging in to the classic Crispy Tenders which were nice to enjoy in between bites of the Shoyu Sansho Chicken. 


This was my first time trying the KFC Cheese Poppers and they were scrumptious, bite-sized bursts of cheesy goodness. I was glad that there was ample cheese filling and would happily dapao to have this as a snack while working in the office.


Savoury items in my belly, I moved on to the next star of this Oishiok promotion – the new Japanese-inspired Vanilla Custard Puffs. At only $1.90 each, these pockets of custard would serve as the perfect ending to your Shoyu Sansho Box meal.


I’ve been spoilt by cream puffs here in Singapore, but KFC’s version is a strong contender. Break open the crunchy, biscuit-like exterior and you’ll find an abundance of creamy and smooth vanilla custard that makes for an excellent dessert.

If you buy Five Vanilla Custard Puffs ($9.50), you’ll even get one free! Go on, make your colleagues happy.


I was glad that the SJORA® Mango Peach drink was included in my Shoyu Sansho Box meal – it was a nice and refreshing change to my usual choice of soft drink and really complemented the slight citrusy hint of the Shoyu Sansho Chicken.


KFC is making it really hard to stick to my diet (how else am I going to fit into this kimono next time), but the new Shoyu Sansho Chicken and Vanilla Custard Puffs were totally worth it. I momentarily forgot about forming a plan to go to Japan… I guess there’s always next year!

Get your family, colleagues and friends together and head to your nearest KFC to get your own Oishiok experience today!

Expected damage: $7.90 – $12

*This post was brought to you in partnership with KFC Singapore

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