The KFConsole will keep your chicken warm while you game

Yes, you’ve read that right; the colonel has clearly outdone himself this time. It’s not a hoax, KFC knows the utter torture of gaming with cold chicken and has got a solution for us. The KFConsole is a real gaming console that features an Intel Nuc 9 minicomputer, a swappable GPU slot and drawer that keeps your pre-cooked chicken warm.

Kfconsole Kfc Online 1

Presenting, perhaps one of the most important inventions of 2020, the KFConsole’s Chicken Chamber. A collaboration between Cooler Master and KFC, its a gaming console we never knew we needed.

Here is how the gaming console of the future works: by utilising the system’s natural heat and airflow, it ensures your chicken stays crispy and finger-licking’ good.

On top of the chicken-warming capabilities, the KFConsole can load games and instantly access data with two Seagate Barracuda 1TB solid-state drives. Let’s not forget this console is also compatible with VR games. I think I speak for everyone when I say, ‘When will this KFCconsole be released?‘.

Kfconsole Kfc Online 2

While there has been no definitive release date for the KFConsole, but with a console like this, the Tweet has said it all: the console wars are indeed over.

Date & Time: TBC

Price: TBC