Show Your Partner Some Sweet KitKat Love This Valentine’s Day

Nestle Malaysia has come up with a very interesting Augmented Reality concept together with their new launch of KitKat Love

KitKat Love Feb 2020

If you look closely enough, you can see a small QR code at the right side of the plastic film packet that reads “Customise AR Greetings”, beckoning you to scan it. 

Upon scanning this QR code, I was prompted to download the KitKat Love app, which brought me to an adorable Valentine’s Day-themed scanner. According to the instructions, I had to place two KitKats side by side and scan them together. 

KitKat Love Feb 2020 2

Opening the packet, I noticed that the KitKat were too small to fit the scanner, and I already had a feeling of dread. I had been pretty excited to see the customised greeting, and I couldn’t pass up the chance for a good photo op! 

KitKat Love Feb 2020 3

The packaging was extremely delightful, with vibrant paddle-pop colours. I felt a tinge of nostalgia seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse glancing cheekily at each other—it brought me back to when I used to watch Mickey Mouse on TV when I was a kid.

KitKat Love Feb 2020 7

KitKat Love Feb 2020 5

Biting into the KitKat, I immediately tasted the subtle sourness of strawberries, mixed in perfect harmony with the sweetness of milk chocolate. I’m not surprised that Nestle decided to go with strawberry-flavoured KitKats for this romantic season! 

A notable difference between this chocolate compared to many strawberry-flavoured chocolates out there is that the sourness is more distinct, making the whole snack less sweet. 

KitKat Love Feb 2020 8

Moving on to the more interactive part of the snack experience, I tried to scan the two KitKats but to no avail. I think the problem might lie in the size of KitKats—it would only work if the KitKats came in a bigger size. 

Kit Kat Love Feb 2020 15

That’s when I found these KitKats at 7-Eleven. 

Kit Kat Love Feb 2020 10

After scanning them, I was taken through a series of adorable animations and music. 

Kit Kat Love Feb 2020 14

Kit Kat Love Feb 2020 12

There are options to compose a greeting card and send it to your partner or enter a retrieval code. Retrieval codes are for the recipient to retrieve a greeting card that was sent to them.

Personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way just to get KitKats for the Augmented Reality function, but I think it’s pretty cool.

KitKat Love is an absolutely cute snack you can surprise your partner with this Valentine’s Day. Grab yours now if you love strawberries and want to send a personalised greeting to your loved ones! 

Dates & Times: Now available at Fairprice outlets and selective 7-Eleven outlets

Price: S$4.45 per pack, S$4.60 for two bigger-sized individual packets