Kontiki: Casual American Diner Singapore Review

Cosy get-together by the river.


Kontiki, a casual american diner situated at Passion Wave @ Marina Bay, serves up comforting and hearty meals perfect for a family gathering or just pure camaraderie fun with a couple of friends.


I was slightly lost since I’m really not that familiar with the area (and its a bit hidden away form the MRT) but upon finding Kontiki, it was well worth the walk.

The interior permeates a chic and cosy atmosphere, complete with a mixture of marine decor and vintage Boeing 707 seats with ash tray. There is also an al fresco dining area, where you can lounge on sofas and foldable chairs while overlooking the river bay.


Why name it ‘Kontiki’ you may ask. The restaurant took their inspiration from the 1947 expedition that spanned across the Pacific Ocean to the South America, solely by raft. The raft was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, whose older name was said to be ‘Kon-Tiki’. Hence the vintage mariner theme, with an authentic raft in store as well.

Everything makes more sense once you know the story.


Blazing World Hoppy Amber ($15) and Bulmer’s Cider ($15). Kontiki has a selection of draught beers, bottled ones, a few ciders and cocktails to choose from. I was definitely attracted to the Blazing World Hoppy Amber can design and it doesn’t disappoint.


Roasted Portobello Mushroom Soup ($8). The soup base is made up of button mushroom to give it a creamier texture, combined with the earthy portobello to give a blend of well-rounded flavours. Topped with gruyere cheese toasties, this is a creamy yet light soup that I’d recommend.


Arugula Salad ($7) with Chicken Thigh ($7). A popular choice over lunch is the arugula salad added on with chicken thigh and complete with feta cheese. It is one of the healthier choices at Kontiki with its nutty and refreshing taste. The chicken is tender and juicy, making a great accompaniment to the arugula salad.


Mussels In Outlaw Gumbo ($26). Yes, 500gm of juicy black mussels basking in the glory of cajun jumbo, not the usual white wine broth because who needs another bowl of that when there’s plenty of it around. The cajun jumbo broth likens a tom yum but without the sourness and the spiciness is mild and light enough to be enjoyed and sipped on. Dip the baguette into the broth, you won’t regret anything.


Double Cheese Burger ($21). A popular dish in Kontiki, the patties are hand made from tenderloin and sirloin cuts that is dense and served with in house BBQ sauce. The patties were inclining towards well done more than medium well and I’m an avid fan of the latter. But the golden brown fries were extremely on point, chunky and absolutely addictive. I may or may not have finished more than half of it.


Love-Eat Beef Short Ribs ($34) with Bone Marrow ($6). The beef short ribs are extremely tender and it breaks away very easily, there is no need for any knife while eating. Ask for an add on of bone marrow if you’re looking to indulge further. It is seasoned with garlic, parsley, paprika and onion. The bone marrow is best eaten with the baguette as it is soft and almost jelly-like. It could have used a bit more seasoning but still a hearty dish nevertheless.


Cocaine Wings (Level: Death, $14). Let’s just say that everyone on the table was tearing from just one bite. The wings are basted in a blend of different imported chillies that definitely mimics death (or makes you wish for it), as the name suggests. I swear the devil was with us for a moment. Unless you’re looking to challenge yourself, I’d suggest going for the medium level strength.

If you’re around the area and you’re looking for a place to rest your weary bones and also to gather with a few friends or family, Kontiki is a quaint enough space. I’d highly recommend getting a cab there if you’re not driving as the odd location can be rather daunting. Drop by for their hot wings, really.

Expected Damage: $40 – $50 per pax.

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Kontiki: #01-02, 11 Rhu Cross, Passion Wave @ Marina, Singapore 437440 | Tel: +65 6268 5225 | Website