June Chen

11 Best Soya Beancurd Places in Singapore That Won’t Curd Your Style

Douhua (Chinese: 豆花; pinyin: dòuhuā) is the short form of doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花), a popular traditional dessert that originates from China during the Western...

13 ‘Zenged’ Starbucks Drinks in Singapore For All New Flavours

Oh Starbucks, the longstanding coffee chain that has gotten everyone hooked onto its sweet, sweet caffeine. Whether it's for its branding or really for...

10 Uni Dishes In Singapore You Should Uni Have Eyes On

Uni (sea urchin in Japanese) is the edible part of the dangerously poisonous sea urchin at the animal's gonads which produces the milt. It...

Takumi Craft Beer Bar: A New Hideout For Japanese Craft Beer Addicts

Beers are always welcomed and when you add on that beautiful adjective term, 'craft', it immediately seduces one better than it really should. JiBiru has...

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