13 ‘Zenged’ Starbucks Drinks in Singapore For All New Flavours

Oh Starbucks, the longstanding coffee chain that has gotten everyone hooked onto its sweet, sweet caffeine. Whether it’s for its branding or really for its creative blends of frappucinos, we know it’s here to stay. Any many of us drink it every day.

Whilst avid coffee aficionados are definitely frowning upon this fast food-like chain, because of any thousands of complaints they can think of, it’s also undeniably delish, all that crazy Java chip concoctions and Teavana madness.

Sick of the usual vanilla latte? Here’s a list of tried and tested ‘zenged’ Starbucks drinks recipe; it’s a list of crazy blends I’ve gathered after a series of syrup trials.

Every additional pump of syrup will cost you S$0.70 more, and the prices of these drinks will range from S$6.80 to S$9.10, depending on the size and the number of pumps added. Have fun and ‘zeng’ your own starbucks recipe!

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1. Mocha with Raspberry

starbucks-hacks- (1 of 7)

So here’s an obvious deal, order yourself a mocha and ask for that extra raspberry pump and you’ve got yourself a blackforest drink in hand.

Sweet and decadent, it’s a dessert and drink all-in-one, lovely for an after meal indulgence.

2. Chai Latte with Double Espresso

starbucks-hacks- (2 of 7)

I’ve had this somewhere at an independent coffee joint, so I thought of replicating it at Starbucks.

All you’ll have to do is order a chai latte, then get the barista to add double espresso shots. This is if you’re into that dirty chai thing. Yums!

3. Hot Chocolate with Chai


While we don’t get a white christmas in our tropical haven, we could always create that atmosphere and get ourselves more in the mood with a hot chocolate complete with chai.

All the spices will, and should, remind you of that mulled wine season. Sprinkle a little cinnamon powder and you’re ready for Winter Wonderland all year long.

4. Americano with Vanilla and Caramel


A mean and lean cookies and cream with caramelised swirls, will get you at hello.

5. Java Chip with Hazelnut and Double Espresso

starbucks-hacks- (3 of 7)

Mmhm…crunchy java chip bits with that nuttiness gives the impression of a snickers bar, only heavier with that double espresso caffeine fix. Great for when you need a lot more caffinated-infused, chocolatey mix.

6. Chai Latte with 2 scoops Matcha

starbucks-hacks- (5 of 7)

I have no idea how this works when coming up with this concoction, but it fits like a puzzle and it does so magically.

Chai latte has that robust, aromatic note, that blends well with the slightly bitter yet fragrant matcha, giving an intriguing mix. It’ll be a hit amongst chai tea and matcha lovers, without a doubt.

7. Half Dark Half White Mocha with Java Chips and Hazelnut

starbucks-hacks- (4 of 7)

Do you like Nutella? Then go for it. Java chips and hazelnut will give you the impression that you’ll digging your fingers in a bottle of the rich chocolatey spread, and the white mocha makes the drink thicker, and sweeter.

8. Chai and Apple Juice


Yet another christmas loving drink, without all that heavy chocolate, this kinda hints at the mulled cider taste profile, only more child-friendly.

9. Creme Frapp with Caramel and Banana blended in

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 18.59.26

Okay hello, a creme frappuccino with a banana blended in and topped with caramel syrup sounds pretty dreamy and milky and velvety and all things amazing.

10. London Fog


On their Teavana menu, this is called the Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and two pumps of vanilla. A quintessential English tea with aromatic accents.

11. Matcha Teavana with Espresso and Caramel Sauce

starbucks-hacks- (6 of 7)

Think of a matcha creme brulee, and darling you’re on the right track. Look at the ombre colours it produces too, pretty worthy of an Instagram shot.

12. Mocha with Whipped Cream and Hazelnut


Do you remember Giotto? The white chocolate version of a ferrero rocher with all that decadent praline filling that’s got us way too excited for our own good.

You can relive that dream with mocha blended with whipped cream, then topped with whipped cream, because more is more. And then end it off with a pump of hazelnut.

13. White and Dark Mocha with Java Chips, Raspberry, Whipped Cream and Banana blended in

starbucks-hacks- (7 of 7)

Doesn’t that combination ring a bell? Yes! a good ol’ banana split blended together and put together in a cup. Scrumptious, yummy, I loved it, and so will you.

Do you have a list of Starbucks hacks too? Share it with us, so that we can unleash the fullest potential of the coffee chain.

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