Tokyo Chopped Salad: Singapore’s First Chopped-Up-Salad Bar By Chef Teppei Yamashita

“To me, the most precious element of being a chef is putting a smile on my customers’ faces”, says renowned Chef Teppei Yamashita, creator of the Teppei Brand and Group.

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Chef Teppei has been gaining quite a bit of recognition recently, with multiple Teppei Syokudo outlets sprouting all over our little red dot. It comes at no surprise that he recently opened yet another eatery – a takeaway salad bar called Tokyo Chopped Salad.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re struggling to look really elegant while eating a salad and it’s just not happening because you’re so hungry and the vegetables come in such large pieces? Here’s where Tokyo Chopped Salad is changing the game forever.

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Tokyo Chopped Salad is the first of its kind in Singapore, offering chopped-up-everything salad, including the vegetables, proteins etc. On top of that, all the sauces are Japanese-inspired and specially crafted by Chef Teppei himself.

So yes, you can finally wolf down your salad with a spoon, and not have to sit there gnawing like a turtle. You can either customise your salad or choose from six pre-set options.

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The eatery prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients by working closely with other Japanese companies. Tokyo Chopped Salad uses premium ingredients such as the Wagyu Beef Tataki for the salads, promising quality with every scoop.

The best part yet – affordability. The Wagyu Beef Tataki Salad is only priced at $14.80!

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If you’ve decided to DIY your salad, it becomes a rather interactive experience where you tick off the ingredients on the menu list and watch your ingredients get chopped up with a unique U-shaped blade specifically made for this.

Then choose from a medley of sauces that are concocted by Chef Teppei, like the Mentai Caesar, Seaweed Sesame, homemade Balsamic sauce and many more!

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Mentai Teriyaki Chicken Salad ($13.80)

Dressed with the slightly tangy Mentai Caesar sauce, the savoury teriyaki chicken strips balance the flavours. The sweetness from the fresh greens and sweet corn ties everything together, creating a light and wholesome salad.

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Premium Beef Tataki Salad ($14.80)

This was my favourite salad, and leant more towards the hearty side. Besides the premium wagyu beef which is the primary ingredient, the salad is packed with red rice that has a robust flavour. The vegetables, garlic and spring onion elevated the flavours of the meat, which was seared nicely.

I’d definitely recommend getting this option if you’re looking for something heavier for lunch, but still healthy of course.

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Kaisen Salad ($15.90)

It can get a little frustrating when you really love Teppei’s kaisendon but can’t finish the whole bowl of rice. So here’s your solution: The newest addition to the menu, the Kaisen Salad. Just imagine the same awesome flavours but lighter and more satisfying with a healthy crunch.

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Salted Egg Kaisendon ($19.80)

Born from the collaboration between Teppei Syokudo and Irwin’s Salted Egg, the Salted Egg Kaisendon is now available till the end of February 2017. Irwin’s salted egg fish skin is rather crispy, adding a great texture to the entire dish.

Not forgetting Chef Teppei’s famous kaisen mix, melded together with his specially crafted salted egg yolk sauce. The chunky pieces of fish and seafood paired well with the salted egg yolk sauce, giving a creamy yet light flavour, with a slight sweetness.

Tokyo Chopped Salad is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a big fan of Chef Teppei’s kaisendon. The salads are light yet filling, leaving you thoroughly satisfied without overeating. The ingredients used are fresh and the price point is pretty affordable.

It’s also the only place where you can eat a salad elegantly, with a spoon.

Expected damage: $15 – $25 per pax

Tokyo Chopped Salad: Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-102, Singapore 039596 | Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm, daily | Tel: +65 6817 5718 | Facebook