Newest Additions to Morton’s Steakhouse Cocktail Menu; Now Open For Sunday Lunch Too

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While there’re just so many puns I could make with steaks, I shall not succumb and risk sounding terribly corny. Instead, straight to the point, Morton’s Steakhouse is now open for business on Sunday too, with 20 new cocktails on the menu.

Ah… that happy hour rush we all flock to, how could we not?

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Cocktails are only $15.95 each and come with complimentary Filet Mignon steak sandwiches. If you’re not familiar with the meaty offering, here’s a lowdown on Morton’s Steakhouse that we did awhile back.

You’ll be happy to know that Morton’s Steakhouse is open every Sunday funday, yay. I mean, it’s pretty harsh to deny us of the juicy steaks, especially on a Sunday that is ever so close to Monday, a dreadful and horrible start of just another week. All we need is a little loving.

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Have a Morton’s Colossal Bloody Mary Salad to start your meal right and of course, the 8oz centre-cut Filet Mignon because it’s Morton’s Steakhouse – you do not come in and not have beef. Well you could, but you know, Steak. House.

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The best part yet: Mixologists have been hard at work and now, there’re 20 brand new additions to the cocktail menu. Crafting indulgence into every sip, the new concoctions are sure to excite your taste buds, in whichever way you wish for.

I’m talking spicy, herb-y and more.

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Made with only the freshest ingredients, the cocktails are exquisite and intriguing.

Like the Ginger Cat Paw which is my favourite, not because I love cats unconditionally, but really because it’s an unusual mix of herbal sweetness. There’s a minty and subtle fresh ginger spice mixed with ginger beer, a little like sugared ginger slices.

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Ginger Cat Paw finishes with a slight zest from the pineapple infused vodka that’s mixed with fresh lime juice. All of the flavours come together to form a semi-sweet and refreshing cocktail that still packs a punch.

If you’re looking for something fiercer, definitely try the Masalita. Made with tequila, cointreau, fresh lime juice, cucumber and a spicy jalapeno chilli pepper, the cocktail is spicy (and I really mean spicy) with a hint of coriander. The glass is rimmed with sugar and the cocktail culminates in a whole new flavour of its own.

It might appear confusing at first, but the spiciness and zest start to distinguish themselves as you continue enjoying the Masalita, loving it more with every sip.

Have a Cucumber Martini if you’re less adventurous but still crazy about the alcoholic punch. The cocktail is a tipple so strong, you might forget but will never regret ordering it.

So, what you waiting for?

Expected Damage: $40 – $60

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